**Warning: This post contains spoilers, so if you haven鈥檛 watched the latest episode of Grey鈥檚 Anatomy, stop reading!**

It鈥檚 a Japril world, you guys鈥 we鈥檙e all just living in it (albeit with lots of feelings!). April and Jackson鈥檚 relationship on Grey鈥檚 Anatomy has been one of the most volatile and emotional relationships in the show鈥檚 entire history (and that鈥檚 saying a lot, considering its penchant for dark and twisty relationships). But this latest installment of Grey鈥檚 saw them at their best, which, TBH, we kinda needed after all the tension and build-up we鈥檝e gotten over the past few eps.

First, we find out that Jackson will be flying out to Montana, where he knows his father will be, for a patient that needs a throat transplant. But Catherine, being the Best Mom ever, knows he needs emotional support and makes sure he has April by his side when he travels (despite his requests for Meredith to accompany him instead). Catherine still believes in love 鈥 truthfully, I really love that Catherine still thinks that Jackson and April belong together and could reconnect over the shared experience.

But Jackson has a lot of issues, y鈥檃ll. He鈥檚 mad that April鈥檚 going with him, and ends up stressed out over his patients, which include a brain-dead child whose organs will be donated and parents who needed to accept throat surgery for their child. He ends up at his father鈥檚 bar, where he works up a scenario in his mind in which he鈥檒l finally confront his dad and completely wig out. He ends up drinking way too much, and misses April鈥檚 call about their throat transplant falling through: Apparently, the donor鈥檚 vocal chords weren鈥檛 viable. It鈥檚 a huge blow for the child鈥檚 parents, who believed that their daughter could have the surgery if she traveled to a different hospital 鈥 at least, they did until Jackson went MIA. Jackson, being a father himself, had built up their hopes and told them he wouldn鈥檛 risk performing a surgery that wouldn鈥檛 work. Now, the family has lost faith in the whole procedure, and April? She鈥檚 PISSED. Especially when she learns where Jackson was the whole time.

Needless to say, she loses it, and Jackson can鈥檛 deal, leaving April at the bar with the owner, who reveals that he used to be a surgeon himself and that he quit because owning a bar meant he could comfort others without the risk of them dying. April quickly realizes who the man is, and tries to discuss it with Jackson, but he still feels like he can鈥檛 face his father. April knows this issue with his father is preventing him from focusing on his patient, however, so she takes Jackson back to the bar and forces him to talk to his dad.

The conversation doesn鈥檛 exactly pan out the way he wants it to: Jackson鈥檚 father is way too happy about the life he has built and doesn鈥檛 seem to miss Jackson at all. He certainly doesn鈥檛 apologize for walking out on his wife and son. Jackson leaves to discuss the issue at length with April, figuring out how to help his patient in the process.

April and Jackson do the whole, 鈥渁mazing Grey鈥榮 surgery鈥 thing, where they use part of the girl鈥檚 stomach to recreate her vocal chords (talk about alternative measures!) and鈥 success! April and Jackson are in such a good mood, in fact, they even sleep together! (Well, kind of 鈥 but given what they鈥檝e been through, it鈥檚 enough). They talk about Jackson鈥檚 dad once more, and April tells Jackson that she knows he鈥檚 nothing like his father, because he鈥檚 always been there for her and the baby from the very beginning.

Jackson, for his part, realizes that he doesn鈥檛 need his father anymore. He appreciates Catherine for raising him the way she did, as a single parent. And you know what? I think Jackson and April are gonna be okay. (At least, I hope鈥)

One last note: Was Baby Harriet channeling #YesWeCan? Yes, she was!

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