Serving shamrock cookies and green cocktails at your St. Paddy’s Day shindig is always fun — and a surefire way to get everyone in the mood to PAR-TAY. But if you’re looking for a departure from the usual fare, consider some new ways to serve up the ol’ corned beef and raise a glass or two of these 14 Guinness cocktails that are *stoutly* Irish, without a drop of green dye in sight.


1. Black Velvet Cocktail: Sure, you could go the old “black and tan” route, but if you’re feeling fancy pants, order up one of these babies. A blend of bubbly and brew, it’s full-bodied from the beer, a bit tart from the cherries, and a real beauty in the glass. (via Salt and Wind)


2. Guinness Black Magic Cocktail: To a true cocktail lover, a can of Guinness is just an excuse for a bit of experimentation. We’re happy to report that the black stuff makes a brilliant mixer with bourbon, grenadine, and blackberries. (via Lucy Parissi / Supergolden Bakes)


3. Guinness Bloody Mary: A good dark beer goes with pizza, chili — just about everything that’s tomato-y. So it was only a matter of time before some enterprising bartender thought to enrich everyone’s fave morning-after drink with a nice glug of Guinness. (via A Beautiful Mess)


4. The Snakebite — Guinness and Pear Cider Cocktail: Layered cocktails are always a cool magic trick to serve up at a party. This one calls for just two ingredients and is easy peasy to pull off. (via Valerie’s Kitchen)


5. Boozy Guinness Ice Cream Floats: A scoop of coffee ice cream and drizzle of chocolate turn a glass full of rich Guinness into a feast. These floats are sure to bring out the kid in everyone at your shindig. (via Taste / Williams-Sonoma)


6. Baby Guinness Shot: Coffee liqueur and Guinness are a match made in heaven — because the Irish hereafter certainly begins in St. Pete’s Pearly Gates reception lounge. Topped with a bit of Baileys, it’s a shot of pure nirvana. (via Travel and Treats)


7. Black Patent: This drink recipe calls for fresh lemon, simple syrup, and a dry stout. It’s like a yummy lemonade with a beer chaser. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


8. Guinness Red Velvet Cocktail: If you’re kicking off St. Paddy’s day at your local pub and craving an elegant sipper, every Irish bartender worth his or her salt can pull off this sipper. Just a bit of bubbly adds real celebratory bling to an everyday stout. (via Dishes Delish)


9. Dublin Iced Coffee: If you’ve never tried this, prepare to meet your new Irish coffee infatuation. Coffee, stout, whiskey, and simple syrup are topped with cream and sprinkled with cinnamon. What’s not to love? (via Bon Appetit)


10. Guinness Floats: If you love Guinness and you love ice cream, the Guinness float is your jam. The only thing that foams more satisfyingly than root beer is a tall pint of chocolaty stout. (via Gimme Some Oven)


11. Crème Brûlée Stout Martini: This sipper is a triple-vanilla threat — featuring vanilla vodka, vanilla syrup, and caramel drizzle. It tastes as lovely as it looks in the glass. (via The Globe and Mail)


12. Caribbean Pumpkin Punch: Punch vendors are a common sight in Trinidad and Tobago, and a nice hearty stout is a popular mixer. This recipe also calls for sweetened condensed milk, pumpkin puree, and spices… and it all goes down like a boozy PSL. (via Home Made / Zagat)


13. Baby Guinness Jello Shots: Now here’s a JELL-O shot that we can get behind. (via Slim Pickin’s Kitchen)


14. Nutella Guinness Stout Chocolate Milkshakes: Thick, rich Guinness *and* everyone’s fave obsession, Nutella? You’d best have your phone handy with your best filters at the ready, because this one’s sure to be an Insta-sensation. (via Country Cleaver)

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