We love a killer workout class as much as the next girl. (Voga? Dance party? SoulCycle? See you there!) But sometimes the cost of a studio class is just not worth the gains, which is why it’s great to have a secret weapon (read: exercise equipment you can hide in your coat closet) for squeezing in a few home workouts. There are a bunch of ways to fit a home gym into your apartment with options like collapsible equipment and pieces that utilize your body weight and then disappear into a drawer. Whatever your fitness goals are this year, here are 11 pieces of equipment that will fit into your workout routine and your studio apartment.


1. Total Gym 1100 ($220): What are your goals? More flexibility? Strength training? Core conditioning? This machine literally does it all, and 60 other exercises just in case you get bored. Plus the low profile means it won’t be an eyesore in your living room or bedroom.


2. Ab Fitness Roller Wheel ($23): It doesn’t look like much, but your abs will be crying for mercy after just a few reps. You can work everything from your upper arms to your core muscles with this wheel, and it’s small enough to stow away in a cupboard.


3. Indo Board ($160): Improve your balance, core strength and posture with this rolling board. All you have to do is stand on the board and see how long you can keep it from touching the ground. And it’s the perfect size for whipping out during commercial breaks and practicing right in front of the TV.


4. Textured Foam Roller ($40): Relieve tension and tightness in your muscles and relax soreness with this foam roller. The ridged surface helps to massage and lengthen muscle groups during stretching, warm-ups and cool-downs. Pull it out after a quick HIIT workout or use it as part of your yoga routine.


5. Yoga Aerial Silks ($140): Master yogis can practice their inversions with these hanging silks, while beginners can use them to increase flexibility. Attach the silks to clips and eye sockets so you can easily remove them when you’re finished.


6. Weighted Jump Rope ($15): Jump roping is amazing cardio, but this weighted rope will take your jumping game to the next level. The weights will help tone your arms and upper body, and the adjustable length means you can work on your coordination without worrying about falling on your face.


7. Folding Magnetic Upright Bike ($200): Exercise equipment is definitely the ugliest home accessory, which is why it is wonderful to have pieces that fold up and disappear when you’re done working out. This one’s super easy to assemble and comes with a heart pulse monitor so you can reach your cardio goals.


8. Resistance Bands ($18): This is definitely the smallest piece of gym equipment you’ll own: You can literally ball them up and stuff them in a drawer. That said, they are made out of extremely durable rubber and will provide you with a killer strength workout in addition to your Pilates or Crossfit routines.


9. Bosu Ball ($130): When it comes to space, the only thing better than an exercise ball is half an exercise ball, otherwise known as a bosu ball. The boss ball is the thing to have for your toning goals, improving core strength and increasing balance.

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10. TRX Suspension Kit ($200): Use the power of your own body weight to give you an intense workout with a piece of equipment that takes less than 60 seconds to put together. You can literally work out in any room in the house and then fold it all away in less than a minute.


11. Mini Cardio Cycle ($55): This portable mini cycle is small enough to take anywhere and weighs less than 12 pounds. You can sit at a chair and train your legs or set the cycle on a table and use it to work out your arms and shoulders.

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