Coachella鈥榮 first weekend may be coming to a close, but the killer hair and beauty trends we saw at this year鈥檚 event are ones we鈥檒l be sporting all summer long. From the fest-goers that went IN on the glitter to others that totally slayed the hair game with space buns and accessories galore, there was a TON of beauty inspo to be found in the far-too-short days we spent in the desert. Want proof? Read on for 13 of the best looks we spotted below.

1. Cheekbone Gems: This gorgeous gal鈥檚 asymmetrical gems highlighted her cheekbones while also giving her ensemble a funky feel.

2. Mini Messy Buns: Go with the flow and forget all the fuss 鈥 that鈥檚 the motto of this 鈥榙o. In fact, the more unkempt, the better: How else are you supposed to headbang in style? Add a metal hair accessory for an elevated accent.

3. Eyebrow Bling: The perfect way to instantly up your festival-ready vibe comes courtesy of picture-perfect eyebrow bling, like this attendee鈥檚. Just a few tiny highlighting jewels are all you鈥檒l need to make the transition into a desert goddess.

4. Half-Head Braids: This half-braided, half-straight hairstyle takes an edgy turn thanks to its intentionally imbalanced effect. It鈥檚 versatile too: You can always throw both sides back into a pony when you get too hot.

5. Glitter Highlighter: In case you haven鈥檛 guessed by now, 2017 is ALL about the sparkle, y鈥檃ll. Straight-up glitter聽has replaced shimmery highlighter in the festival beauty department this year, and attendees were all about it: See above for proof!

6. Bold AF Eyeliner: Punchy, cobalt blue eyeliner adds a vibrant element to any festival style. Apply it in a thick wing or a lash-line-hugging, thin line to brighten up your look.

7. Vivid Wigs: Don鈥檛 have time (or energy) to do you hair? Throw on a vibrant wig and call it a day with a play straight outta Kylie Jenner鈥檚 style book.

8. Monochromatic Vibes: Not only was monochromatic color trending in the style department, but it works for beauty too: This cool girl looks cohesive but not overly matchy-matchy with her violet hair, sunnies, and eyeshadow.

9. Black Lipstick: Though the desert may be bright and sunny, a dark AF, moody black lipstick added a gritty vibe to this fest-lover鈥檚 getup.

10. Twisted Space Buns: Futuristic AND functional, the knotted buns in this woman鈥檚 hair are a genius way to keep tresses off your neck and out of your face. You鈥檒l also have some epic texture when you let those puppies down 鈥 score!

11. Body Baubles: If glitter highlighter isn鈥檛 your thing, you can always add a touch of tasteful sparkle to your getup with face jewels (AKA body baubles). It鈥檚 a far more minimalist way to ease into the glitter trend if straight up sparkle is too much.

12. Under-eye Sparkle: Forget concealer: Sparkle is the new way to hide those dark under-eye circles from jamming out all night. This playful beauty trend works anytime, from day to night and everything in between.

13. Glitzy Brows: Another subtle way to get your glitter on is by adding a glistening touch to your brows: Beauty vlogger Nicol Concilio nailed the look, proving it鈥檚 both wearable and fun.

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(Photos via Victoria Haas/Brit + Co)