The bun is every woman’s backup plan. Whether you’re having a bad hair day, don’t have time to dry your hair, or simply need to keep those luscious locks out of your face, it’s the easiest, oldest trick in the book. But it’s time to spruce things up. We scoured around Brit HQ and came up with 6 ways to kick your bun up a notch using a few household items.

Unzip Your Bun
 Simply take a colorful zipper, unzip part of it, and wrap around your bun. Use bobby pins to secure.

Cotton Chain Bangle

If you already have a cozy winter cuff or two, you’re good to go on the bun-meets-bangle front. But, if not, whip up this super easy piece of bun bling. Simply cut a strip of t-shirt, wrap around your bangle, then glue on a piece of chain around the whole thing. Bangin’!

Pick It Up
 Toothpicks + sequins. Can it get any more bite size? Glue sequins (or Mardi Gras beads!) to one end of a toothpick, and stick the other end in your bun.

Yarn Bun Braid
 Pretty much every drawer at Brit HQ has at least one string of yarn in it. For this look, we braided a few pieces of yarn together, braided them into the hair and made a bun braid.

Aluminum Foil Bun Cuff
 Yes, you can totally hack a metal cuff out of aluminum foil if you’re in a pinch and still want a little glitz. We simply folded the aluminum foil into a cuff, glued on a few old buttons, and adorned our side bun.

Friendship Cords Redux
 How do you carry around your iPhone charger? Well we’ve got one last crazy bun idea to throw your way. Assuming you’ve already made the cord colorful and tangle-free (tutorial here), simply wrap it around your bun (base included). Plus, you don’t even need a bobby pin.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to spruce up your everyday look, and if you’re looking for a specific how-to, send a note to