Hair ties are an essential for the everyday. But we all know that they’re not the prettiest accessory. How many times do you look back at photos and regret having a hair tie on your wrist instead of a blinging accessory to match that sparkly dress? Fortunately, we’ve come up with a solution: cuffs that cover your hair ties, so you don’t sacrifice fashion for function. While people are admiring your chic cuff, little do they know that a hair tie lies underneath.


-Hair ties

-Metallic spray paint (we used gold and silver)

-Quick hold glue


-Mini barrettes

-Painter’s tape

-Black vinyl or faux leather

Start off by measuring a comfortable circumference of your wrist to determine the length of your cuff. Then, measure the width of your barrette — that will be the width of the bracelet. Cut the vinyl into strips using these measurements.

First, the bow tie cuff! Fold one strip in half, and starting from the folded edge, trim at a diagonal to create a bow shape. Then, cut a small piece of vinyl to wrap around the center of the bow. Wrap it around the center of the bow and glue. Make sure that you glue it together on the inside of the cuff, not the outside. Note: this design works well as a standalone bracelet too. Just add snap buttons.

Next, glue the barrettes to the inner edges.

Voila! Your first cuff is done. When putting on the bracelet, attach the cuff to the hair tie by clipping it with the barrettes. This works great as a hair clip, too!

Next up, the chevron bracelet. Tape off the cuff so only one chevron arrow shows. Cover with spray paint.

Pro tip: this is also a cool way to turn painter’s tape into metallic tape. Fun for gift wrap.

For a solid cuff, spray the vinyl piece without any tape. After it dries, glue barrettes on the inside each cuff.

To make a studded bracelet, use the quick glue to adhere the studs to the edges. So easy! Glue the barrettes on the inside of the cuff.

For an edgier, rock star-inspired look, fold the vinyl cuff in half and cut strips. Like with the others, glue the barrettes to the inside of the cuff.

Check out all five of our finished bracelets — they each took only a few minutes. Such a fun collection.

You can see that the barrettes ensure that the cuffs clip securely to the hair elastic. When you need an elastic, just unclip and tie up your hair. The remaining elastic(s) will continue to hide under your bracelet.

Have you ever tried disguising your hair ties before? How do you do it? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.