Figuring out your everyday hair look is stressful enough. Between balayage treatments and bun-cuffs, it鈥檚 hard to land on a look that will give you that woke-up-like-this appeal without compromising sophistication 鈥 and that鈥檚 just on your average Tuesday! So what about THE day? We鈥檙e talking your wedding day, when the stakes are infinitely higher. You鈥檝e got to nail the look, but how do you choose a RN style that looks good standing at the altar, dining with your wedding party and dancing the night away? Ladies, consider the half-up 鈥榙o. You may not have rocked it in a while, but trust us when we say that this classic look is the best of both worlds for your nuptials 鈥 wedding-worthy yet accessible, so you鈥檒l still feel like yourself. Here are 15 looks that show you just how versatile this simple and chic 鈥榙o is.

1. Baby鈥檚 Breath: This hairstyle is an ideal fit for your rustic-inspired or backyard wedding. Channel your inner woodland creature by pinning up your tresses into a loose braid and sprinkling it with delicate baby鈥檚 breath for an ethereal vibe.

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2. Hollywood Waves: For a black-tie wedding, step out in this 鈥榙o with pin curls and a cascade of old Hollywood waves that would make Marlene Dietrich jealous. Add a little (or a lot 鈥 you do you) of glitz with a vintage clip that will glitter spectacularly in all of the flashing lights.

3. Braided Crown: Planning a casual outdoor wedding? Then put (half) your mane up in intricate, crisscross braids that will keep your locks beautifully out of your face.

4. Fishtails: A sleek, modern dress calls for sleek, modern hair. The front is softly swept into a delicate fishtail braid for an epic look with everyday appeal. Ice-blue locks not required (but recommended).

5. Natural Curls: Don鈥檛 hide your natural curls on your wedding day. Embrace those coils with an updo that shows off your texture, your face and your makeup artist鈥檚 skill.

6. Classic and Simple: You don鈥檛 have to torture your hair to make a statement. Give the curling iron a rest and instead go for a simple twisted crown that shows off your natural waves and puts the spotlight on you 鈥 not just your hair.

7. Braids and Jewels: It鈥檚 your day to shine bright like a diamond. Sport braids for days down your back with delicate hair jewelry that offers just the right amount of bling.

8. Mermaid Braid: While you made the difficult decision not to wear the mermaid crown on your wedding day, you can still channel your inner Ariel. A loose, oversized mermaid braid is equal parts practical, stylish and water pixie.

9. Big Curls: A formal wedding with a dramatic dress calls for big hair to match. Instead of focusing on the height of your updo, show off your length with barrel curls.

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10. Floral Cascade: Straight down the back isn鈥檛 your only option with the half up, half down style. Soft waves, loose tendrils and a small wildflower bouquet swept to the side also works beautifully with your hair and shows off a sexy backless dress.

11. Clean andModern: Bells and whistles are great, but when it comes to your big-day hair, maybe something more pared down is your style. A simple blowout is magnified with pulled-back, pinned-up locks 鈥 no curls necessary to make a statement.

12. Pretty Curls: This intricate 鈥榙o would pair perfectly with a full-skirted princess gown. The curled coif is youthful, while the beaded crown adds just the right amount of sophisticated appeal to your look.

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13. Fuss-Free: If bling isn鈥檛 your thing, focus on glamour with loose curls and a few tendrils to frame your face. The effect is definitely wedding-worthy without overpowering your look.

14. Bohemian Bride: Bring on the boho vibes when you walk down the aisle in this style. This 鈥榙o evokes an effortless charm that is pure bliss and ease 鈥 the perfect way to start forever.


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15. Braided Edge: Add a little edge to that white dress with a faux-shaved look in the form of this tight side braid. It鈥檚 the perfect compromise with a conservative crowd when you say 鈥淚 do.鈥

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