There鈥檚 nothing like Halloween to bring out the kid in everyone. Who doesn鈥檛 *HEART* a holiday that鈥檚 all about sweet treats, funny Halloween costumes and Pin-worthy scary makeup inspo? If you鈥檙e looking to inject some spooky spirit into the house, forget the mass-produced ceramic cats, foam skulls and plastic pumpkins. Making and doing is so much more fun, and kids love it! Here are 21 DIY Halloween crafts even the littlest makers can help create.


1. Jack-o鈥-Lantern Smiles: Kids will ROFL when they start playing with these toothy pumpkin smile sticks they make themselves. Bonus: They can double as holiday party photo props. (via Lisa Storms)


2. Day of the Dead Calavera Mask: These cute and colorful masks are inspired by Mexican sugar skulls 鈥 a traditional sweet treat on Dia de Los Muertos. Kids will get super creative coloring them in and making the paper flower crowns. (via Happy Thought)


3. Easy Origami Witch Fingers: There鈥檚 nothing more fun than a paper craft they get to wear that sparks imaginative play. This one gets them in the spooky spirit, without being overboard scary. (via Kids Play Box)


4. Toilet-Paper Roll Bat: They鈥檒l go batty for this Halloween art project that鈥檚 both inexpensive and super easy to pull off. Bonus: Upcycling TP rolls into googly-eyed bats shows kids that it鈥檚 cool to recycle. (via Creative Homemaking)


5. Easy No-Sew Halloween Bracelets: Velcro strips from the hardware store make perfect little bracelets for tiny hands, and the felt faces stick tight. Trace these characters from a downloadable template, or get creative with a design of your own. (via Merriment Design)


6. Pinecone Spiders: Kids are fascinated with creepy crawlies, especially spiders and their webs. Here鈥檚 one so cute, you won鈥檛 mind when she and her friends start appearing all over your home. (via Fireflies +聽Mudpies)


7. Felt Wild Life Masks: Kids will love crafting 鈥 and wearing 鈥 these fun felt masks, based on characters from the animated film. Four colorful and quirky characters can be made using the same (downloadable) template. (via Tonya Staab)


8. DIY Halloween Haunted Houses: Turn plain old wooden bird houses, available at any crafts store, into spooky haunted houses using paper mache and acrylic paint. Bonus: This fun DIY doubles as both a crafty activity and cute Halloween decor. (via Bugaboo City)


9. Easy Ghost T-Shirt: You make the freezer paper stencil; kids practice staying in the lines with fabric paint. The end result is a t-shirt they鈥檒l love that can take them from dress-up day to Halloween night. (via Alice & Lois)


10. Craft Stick Spider Webs: These spider webs made from tongue depressors and yarn are inexpensive and easy to make. Kids will be so proud of their handiwork, they鈥檒l want to hang them in their rooms. (via Happy Hour Projects)


11. DIY Monster Headband: Googly eyes turn pom-poms into tiny cyclops monsters with just a dab of glue. This craft is perfect for the kids who won鈥檛 wear a mask that covers their face. All they need to do is put on their best monster face and they鈥檙e ready to PAR-TAY. (via Val Event Gal)


12. Handprint Ghost Cards: Expect a fit of the giggles when kids see their handprint turned into a one-of-a-kind Halloween card. And grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends will be thrilled to receive a cute keepsake. (via Willowday)


13. Vampire Fortune Teller Printable: Origami fortune-telling games are always a big hit with the small fry. Not only will they have fun making it, but they鈥檒l play with it for hours, even days. A free Count Dracula printable makes this a super easy craft. (via El Hada de Papel)


14. Jack-o鈥-Lantern Drinking Glasses: Kids will love making these vinyl clings that turn their ordinary drinking glasses into Halloween party vessels. The faces are made from peel-and-stick removable vinyl that you can store and reuse year after year. (via Blue i Style)


15. DIY Halloween Luminaries: Turn dollar-store votive globes into cute Halloween luminaries with just a bit of paint and some accessorizing. Flameless battery-powered luminary lights make them totally safe for kids, and googly eyes make them totally hilarious. (via A Few Shortcuts)


16. Halloween Jack-o鈥-Lantern Balloon Garland: Upside-down orange balloons make a perfect pumpkin garland 鈥 and this one is so festive! The spooky faces are cut from peel-and-stick removable vinyl, so the kids could reuse them to make those drinking glass jack-o鈥-lanterns from #14. (via Design Improvised)


17. DIY Paper Lantern Skulls: Turn an ordinary string of paper lanterns into cute skull lights. The *stitched* smile and upside-down heart nose are *so* Dia de Los Muertos. (via Minted)


18. Halloween Paper Spider Mobile: These paper spiders look as if they鈥檙e spinning in mid-air, thanks to a bit of transparent fishing line. Kids will have so much fun making the creepy crawlies out of construction paper and stringing them up around the room. (via Hello, Wonderful)


19. Printable Vampire Bookmarks: Little readers will never lose their place when Count Dracula sticks his fangs into the last page read. This is one craft that will encourage kids to sink their teeth into a good book. Hey-o! (via Easy Peasy and Fun)


20. Spider Balloons: Look above you 鈥 are those spiders or yucky giant spider鈥檚 eggs? The wire 鈥渓egs鈥 weigh the black helium balloons down, so they gradually descend from the ceiling 鈥 just like the real thing. (via Delia Creates)


21. DIY聽Disgusting Eyeball Slime: This one鈥檚 for everyone who loves gross-out crafts 鈥 you know who you are. Ooey gooey pink slime is super easy to make *and* super easy to wash off, plus it feels like touching a real eyeball. (via MomDot)

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