Need something smooth and a little scary to sip on at your Halloween bash? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a spook-tacular (sorry, had to!) selection of Halloween-inspired drinks. From slightly creepy to downright delicious, these 13 cocktails will go down easy — just what you need after gorging on Halloween candy.

1. Red Velvet Devil: Although it contains just three ingredients (vodka, cranberry juice, and club soda) this blood-hued brew is anything but basic. (via Cosmopolitan)

2. Black and Orange Rum Punch: Stick to classic Halloween colors in this cocktail and let the fruity flavors of orange, pineapple and lime juice shine. (via Brit+Co)

3. Candy Corn-Infused Vodka: Didn’t think the all-time best Halloween candy could get any better? This vodka will make you think again. (via Kitchen Treaty)

4. Apple Cide-Car: This spin on the classic Sidecar cocktail is like the grown up version of bobbing for apples — and it’s tastier, too. (via Brit+Co)

5. Vampire Punch: Vampires’ taste buds are in for a twitch of tang thanks to the lime sherbet in this recipe. (via Cookin’ Canuck)

6. Mr. Hyde Potion: Herbs like lavender and tarragon take center stage in this beverage, named in honor of Dr. Jekyll’s more sinister half. (via HGTV)

7. Candy Corn Martini: Another twist on the Halloween treat, this candy corn concoction is crazy good. (via Brit + Co)

8. Bloody Shirley Temple: This bloody brew is sure to get some hearts racing. (via Your Southern Peach)

9. Apple Bourbon + Pumpkin Sangria: If you’re hosting a crowd, whip up this devilishly delicious sangria — it’s a crowd-pleaser full of fall flavors. (via Kiran Tarun)

10. Blood and Bones Cocktail: This next-level jello shot is scary good… if you don’t mind creeping out your friends a bit. (via Brit + Co)

11. La Llorona Cocktail: This cooky cocktail, named after the ghost of a weeping woman who drowned her own children (graphic, we know!), gets its wispy effect from dry ice. (via Muy Bueno Cookbook)

12. Black Licorice Delight: This bone-chilling brew has a totally unique taste thanks to licorice liquor and blackcurrant cordial. (via Camille Styles)

13. Halloween Pumpkin Punch: This punch is so perfectly spiced you’ll keep making it long after the Great Pumpkin comes and goes. (via Honestly Yum)

14. Dracula’s Kiss: Aw, come on. How could something that sounds (and looks) so cute be so deadly… (via Ebony)

15. Brain Hemmorhage: Yes, those pretty ingredients on the left make that terrifying concoction on the right. Cue the scary music. (via A Year of Cocktails)

Which of these creepy cocktails are you eager to try? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!