For the whole month of October our minds are filled with thoughts of dressing up in costumes, spooking people, trick-or-treating and, of course, carving pumpkins. But then we thought, what if we carved fruits instead of pumpkins? We gave it a whirl and were instantly obsessed with the extremely cute results. As you might have known, this summer we went crazy about everything and anything pineapple. Let’s just say we are beyond excited that this special fruit got to join in on the fall festivities ;)


Materials + Tools:

– fruit! (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple)

– carving knife

– knife

– melon baller

– tea candles



1. Cut the top off of your choice of fruit.

2. Use the knife to cut around the inside edge of the fruit. Score the fruit and remove with a melon baller.

3. Once you’ve hollowed out your fruit, draw a face on the front and carve out eyes, nose and a mouth with a knife — just like a pumpkin!


Now, let’s get this fruit party started. Cut the top off of your fruit and use a knife and melon baller to hollow it out. You can also use a mini ice cream scoop.


Choose your favorite spooky jack-o-latern face and carve it out of your fruit.


If you feel like even more quirkiness and color, give your pineapple an extra funky ‘do by spray painting the palm leaves a bright color.


Next up, another summer favorite: watermelon. We were inspired by the Kool-Aid Man (learn how to make his costume here!) when carving this watermelon’s face.


Don’t forget about the melons! As creepy as it sounds, honeydew has an excellent skin for carving. Its greenish hues are perfect for a spooky alternative to your traditional jack-o-latern.


Cantaloupe was also a crowd favorite. The texture of this fruit makes for a good mummy or skeleton head. And yes, that is a ’90s-inspired smiley face.


These fineapple fruits are the cutest jack-o-lanterns we’ve ever seen. They’re perfect for dressing up a Halloween tablescape or dessert table, or a DIY cocktail station.


Get silly with it! Add costume accessories to jazz up your Halloween fruits.


The honeydew wanted to get in on the fineapple action. He’s a little jealous of the pineapple fan fame out in the blogosphere and is wondering, when will it be the honeydew’s turn?!


Bald clown or blue clown? Both are equally as creepy!


Oh watermelon, whatta face!


We challenge you to carve any and all fruits and vegetables you can! Share photos with us using the hashtag #iamcreative and as always leave questions and comments below.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre