Halsey has no problem speaking up and out about things that are important to her. Back in January, the “Closer” singer donated $100,000 to Planned Parenthood in the wake of the GOP announcing plans to defund the women’s health organization. In a new interview, the singer is explaining why she feels grateful for the clinic and how they helped her after she suffered a miscarriage while performing in Chicago in 2015.

In a conversation with Playboy, the singer (born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) recalls being 20, on the road, and newly pregnant. After suffering a miscarriage (and bleeding heavily while performing), she went to the nearest Planned Parenthood for help. That moment in her life stuck with her, and she realized that the organization is more than just abortion services.

“People have controlled this negative narrative that it’s a low-income place, this place in the ghetto, this place for abortions, this place where drug users go, this place where “slutty” girls go — I say “slutty” in quotes because I’m rolling my eyes at it. But it’s a doctor’s office. I can afford some of the best health care in the f*cking world and I still went there, because I trust it,” the “Now or Never” singer admitted.

Thanks to the medical care she received at Planned Parenthood, Halsey has dedicated her time and money to the organization, even though some fans questioned her motives. Putting the sizable donation on her “personal AMEX card,” she knows that not everyone will agree with her choice, but she’s OK with it. “I’ve got to fight one battle at a time,” she told the magazine.

In states where women don’t have access to safe reproductive health care, it is hard to even be treated for symptoms of endometriosis, let alone get proper medical information for informed consent. Organizations like Planned Parenthood provide cancer screenings, birth control, and IVF counseling on top of the pregnancy-related services they have become known for.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Rich Fury/Getty)