Happiness is a pretty subjective feeling; different things make different people happy. For some it’s their relationship and for others it’s their dog. And for most it takes a while to reach your happiest age. But there are a few annual polls that give great insight into the state of the country’s attitude. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, put out every year, takes 2.3 million surveys and turns them into this very handy chart. The good news is that the country hasn’t had a serious shift in well-being since the previous year, 2014.

The surveys ask residents questions in five categories: purpose, financial, social, community and physical. It bases the well-being ranking on these questions. Different states excel in individual categories. South Carolina is the most socially happy, while Delaware believes that they have the most purposeful people living there. Montana has the strongest sense of community, Alaskans are happy with their financials and Hawaiians really like their levels of physical activity. There have also been some upticks for some states; Florida and Alabama are feeling better about themselves than they have in the past.



1. Hawaii

2. Alaska

3. Montana

4. Colorado

5. Wyoming

6. South Dakota

7. Minnesota

8. Utah

9. Arizona

10. California

It’s no surprise to us that Hawaiians rank as happiest. It’s kind of hard not to be when you’re surrounded by paradise! But note that warm weather doesn’t always equal happiness; many of these states get a ton of snowfall. Conclusion? It’s all about that attitude!

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(Photo via Getty; infographic via Gallup Healthways)