While rainbow hair may be a relatively new mainstream trend, Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams has been rocking the look for some time now. The recently married musician (check out Haley William’s epically hip wedding here) announced today that she’ll be trying her hand in the beauty industry with the launch of a hair dye company.

hayley williams hair dye

The new dye company called Good Dye Young (see what she did there?), was created in collaboration with Hayley’s Nashville-based colorist and close friend, Brian O’Connor, as well as L’Oréal alum Erik Hoover.

According to Nylon, Hayley broke the news to her most loyal fans attending Parahoy!, a four-day Paramore cruise from Miami to Mexico that’s filled with concerts and events (Side note: Why aren’t music festival cruises not more of thing?). During Paraprom, a prom night-themed dance party on board the cruise, Hayley chose two lucky ladies to test out the new product.

The line includes red, orange, yellow, pink and blue color options, and is accompanied by creative names like Riot! and Rock Lobster. For $14, you’ll get a bleach kit, a bowl, a mixer and a fader (a fader allows you to lighten any of the shades if you want something a little less saturated). Oh yeah — and if you’re not into any of those colors on their own, you can combine any of them together to create a custom shade.

In a post on Instagram Hayley writes, “I’ve never started anything but a band… but a little over 4 years ago, I decided I’d try my hand at starting a hair dye company. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, learned a whole lot of cool business lingo… and realized through trial and error that dying your hair is an art AND a science. It was all worth it to finally be able to tell you that GOOD DYE YOUNG is here, it’s severe, & it’s happening!” Hayley’s new line will officially drop on May 15th, but you can head over to the website to pre-order starting one month before. Until then, you can subscribe for updates leading up to the pre-sale and official launch.

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(Photos via D Dipasupil/Getty)