We’re all about finding the crème de la crème, whether that be the most popular all-day breakfasts in America or the best rooftop bars across the country. Why settle, amirite? Well, thanks to city guide app Foursquare (whose Swarm app could win you a sweet summer vacay ), you don’t have to. That’s because they’ve just put their user-generated data to the task of finding the BEST iced coffees in 15 US cities… and once you’ve downed your glass of homemade Vietnamese iced coffee , you will definitely want to check your city’s out.

Iced coffee.

1. Blue Bottle Coffee , San Francisco, CA: Fans deem the sometimes 20-minute wait (!) worth it!

2. La Colombe Torrefaction , New York, NY: The iced coffee comes with a shot of espresso. Boo-yah!

3. Panther Coffee , Miami, FL: Guests go gaga over this hot spot’s cold brew.

4. Jo’s Coffee , Austin, TX: An iced Turbo is where it’s AT.

5. Thinking Cup , Boston, MA: A town packed with elite schools doesn’t take java lightly, and this one’s the fave.

6. DISTRICT. Donuts. Sliders. Brew , New Orleans, LA: They ought to put “iced coffee” in their name too.

7. Elixr Coffee Roasters , Philadelphia, PA: Try an iced brew paired with one of their tasty-AF parfaits.

8. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen , Los Angeles, CA: The brew’s great but the people-watching might be even better.

9. The Coffee Fox , Savannah, GA: What does the fox say? Who cares, just drink his coffee!

10. Elemental Coffee Roasters , Oklahoma City, OK: “The cold brew will make you believe in love again.”

Iced Mocha

11. Mission Coffee Co. , Columbus, OH: Cold brew on tap? Um, yes please.

12. Black Tap Coffee , Charleston, SC: A cold brew that will bring you to your knees.

13. Black Hole , Houston, TX: Cold brew iced coffee with a side of Texas hipsters (they exist!).

14. Milstead & Co. , Seattle, WA: The most beloved iced coffee in the coffee capital of the country.

15. Dark Matter Coffee , Chicago, IL: Their iced mocha is a gem of the Midwest.

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