We’re all about finding the crème de la crème, whether that be the most popular all-day breakfasts in America or the best rooftop bars across the country. Why settle, amirite? Well, thanks to city guide app Foursquare (whose Swarm app could win you a sweet summer vacay), you don’t have to. That’s because they’ve just put their user-generated data to the task of finding the BEST iced coffees in 15 US cities… and once you’ve downed your glass of homemade Vietnamese iced coffee, you will definitely want to check your city’s out.

Iced coffee.

1. Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco, CA: Fans deem the sometimes 20-minute wait (!) worth it!

2. La Colombe Torrefaction, New York, NY: The iced coffee comes with a shot of espresso. Boo-yah!

3. Panther Coffee, Miami, FL: Guests go gaga over this hot spot’s cold brew.

4. Jo’s Coffee, Austin, TX: An iced Turbo is where it’s AT.

5. Thinking Cup, Boston, MA: A town packed with elite schools doesn’t take java lightly, and this one’s the fave.

6. DISTRICT. Donuts. Sliders. Brew, New Orleans, LA: They ought to put “iced coffee” in their name too.

7. Elixr Coffee Roasters, Philadelphia, PA: Try an iced brew paired with one of their tasty-AF parfaits.

8. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA: The brew’s great but the people-watching might be even better.

9. The Coffee Fox, Savannah, GA: What does the fox say? Who cares, just drink his coffee!

10. Elemental Coffee Roasters, Oklahoma City, OK: “The cold brew will make you believe in love again.”

Iced Mocha

11. Mission Coffee Co., Columbus, OH: Cold brew on tap? Um, yes please.

12. Black Tap Coffee, Charleston, SC: A cold brew that will bring you to your knees.

13. Black Hole, Houston, TX: Cold brew iced coffee with a side of Texas hipsters (they exist!).

14. Milstead & Co., Seattle, WA: The most beloved iced coffee in the coffee capital of the country.

15. Dark Matter Coffee, Chicago, IL: Their iced mocha is a gem of the Midwest.

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