If you鈥檝e always been curious about who Tinder users across the world are attracted to, we鈥檝e got you covered. The dating app just gave us an EXCLUSIVE list of this year鈥檚 top most right-swiped female and male names in 16 of the 196 countries they operate in, and the results are below. Let鈥檚 just say, if you鈥檙e looking for love anywhere from Argentina to Sweden, now you know who to look for (or who your competition is!).


US:Female: Hannah, Male: Lucas

ARGENTINA: Female: Valen, Male: Bautista

AUSTRALIA: Female: Samantha, Male: Chris

BRAZIL: Female: Tain谩, Male: Felipe

CHILE: Female: Antonia, Male: Benjamin

COLOMBIA: Female: Laura, Male: Sebasti谩n

FRANCE: Female: Aliz茅, Male: Thomas

GERMANY: Female: Laura, Male: Patrick

GREAT BRITAIN: Female: Amelia, Male: Harry

INDIA: Female: Aanchal, Male: Lalit

KOREA: Female: Bora, Male: Jihoon

MEXICO: Female: Ana, Male: Carlos

POLAND: Female: Pamela, Male: Olaf

RUSSIA: Female: Sofia, Male: Makar

SPAIN: Female: Rebeca, Male: 脕lex

SWEDEN: Female: Vilma, Male: Herman

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(Photo via Anthony Harvey/Getty)