If you’re hoping to score a night in Queen Marjorie’s suite while she’s well, incarcerated, we’ve got some news. You can! Well, kind of… sort of… okay not really. However, that hasn’t stopped an epic Airbnb + Game of Thrones mashup from happening.

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The parody site cleverly named “Heirbnb” is essentially a mockup version of your favorite vacation rental site filled with all the dwellings of your favorite GOT cast members. John Snow, Jamie, Hodor and Cersei all have properties listed.

Cersei’s “cute space near Casterly Rock” is listed for $329. Under the description tab, she writes, “My cozy and cute two bedroom quarter has a great location — within a 20 minute to Lannisport! There’s also beautiful stone floors, great views from this top floor of a PreWar building, horse-drawn carriage for easy movement of your heavy bags, and a ton of fun, cute and charming restaurants to choose from in the neighborhood. Your bedroom has a queen-size bed, a typical Casterly Rock view of great buildings and lots of trees, its own slaves, and I provide clean sheets and silk garments. You would have a shared bathroom with me as I live in the other bedroom.”

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There are even a couple of mock reviews listed. Ygritte reviewed Jon Snow’s “Highclass Winterfell Chamber” and writes, “The bed was wonderful and very soft, fit for even a king. As nice as the chamber sounds, the host, however, was not so. Toiletries were not provided despite being a staple for such high-class chambers. Storage space is lacking contrary to the description. The stove did not work too well either. Lord Snow did not spend an ample time creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Whoever made this hilarious site, we’re forever grateful.

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(Photos via HBO, Heirbnb)