We don’t know about you, but we’ve already got the holiday music queued up and are ready to start spreading some Christmas cheer. As the season is approaching, we’re constantly on the lookout for fun AND tasty ways to deck the halls. That’s why we partnered with Hershey to sweeten the season with a DIY holly garland made out of their appropriately colored HERSHEY’S Holiday KISSES. You can use this cute garland to hang your holiday cards from the mantel, display it as table runner or bring color to your Christmas tree. It has so many uses and is easy to create, making it the perfect activity to entertain and create with kids. Plus, it keeps sweet tooths satiated!

Scroll on for more detailed DIY instructions so you can bring your own holly garland to life. There are so many ways to display this one DIY!


Materials + Tools:

  • HERSHEY’S KISSES in Red/Green/Silver
  • red and pink card stock
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • yarn
  • bone folder
  • colorful string


  1. Draw out your leaves on your paper and cut. Use different sizes with the different colors to add dimension. Then, use a bone folder to make a crease in the center of the cutout leaves and fold.
  2. Unwrap green and silver HERSHEY’S KISSES foils. Be careful to prevent tearing the foil, but be sure to pop a couple in your mouth.
  3. Cut the foil into leaf shapes and then, slightly crease in the center.
  4. Create the holly bundle by gluing the leaves together. First, layer the paper leaves and then top with the foil leaves.
  5. Add the *holly berries,* using wrapped red foils.
  6. Glue holly bundles to a colorful string and then deck the halls!

Now, let’s get holly and jolly! :)


First up, gather your materials and heat up that glue gun.


Draw out those cute little seasonal leaves. This part can even be done by the little ones at home to add more character to your garland.


Cut and give a nice crease with a bone folder for a more realistic look. If your kids are learning to cut, this is also a great step for them to help out. Just make sure you supervise while they’re using scissors.


Carefully unwrap the green and silver foils and then cut them into leaves as well. Don’t forget to pop the chocolates in your mouth as you go, or you can melt them down to make holiday bark. It definitely makes this one of the tastiest holiday projects!


Layer your leaves together and then add some red foil KISSES (AKA your holly berries!) to the base. Next, attach your holly bunches to a colorful string. If you’re doing this project with kids, you’ll want an adult to use the hot glue gun for ultimate safety.


And you’re done!


Use the HERSHEY’S KISSES Holly Garland to hold your holiday cards and display them on a mantel or doorway. OMG #SayItWithaKiss!


Or make one long enough to decorate the tree with.

Need more inspo for your holiday decorations? Check out our Pinterest boards to help you get into the Christmas spirit. Don’t forget to #SayItWithaKiss.

Video: Alonna Morrison, Katie Booker + Ryan Shelley

Production + Styling: Alonna Morrison

Photography: Brittany Griffin + Chris Andre