In case John Barrett’s Braid Bar at Bergdorf Goodman and the scads of tutorials we’ve whipped up weren’t strong enough indicators, we’re here to set the record straight: Braids are here to stay. If you’ve already mastered the advanced techniques, it’s time to look to the runway for inspiration. From Bangkok to Manhattan, we’ve snooped the catwalk to bring you the most intertwined mane events.

1. Messy Double Dutch: We have no doubt the right lady could rock this duet, Ronald McDonald colors and all. Not up for a color change? Maybe add a little fabric by way of a Brit tutorial. (via La Femmelle)

2. Bouffant: This is some serious hair. Walk into a room with a hair helmet like this, and you’ll undoubtedly being getting a full salute from all parties present. (via Rockin’ With Roxy)

3. Rose Shaped Bun: We’re truly hypnotized by Nicole Kidman’s cyclonic spiral braid. (via Glamour)

4. Side Buns: This platinum Princess Leia-inspired look showed up during Bangkok Fashion Week and we can’t look away. (via Glamour)

5. Layered Crown: We’re loving this look of simple twists and small braids crossing over your forehead. Fore sure. (via Fête)

6. Reverse Braid: Go grab some extensions, learn how to do an inside out fishtail, and figure out how to finish it off without a hair tie. This is one big braid that you can definitely take to the streets. (via Misses Dressy)

7. Christian Dior Fishtail & Curls: We wish we could find a bigger image of this Dior single side fishtail surround by a cloud of teased curls. It is wonderful. (via M Salon)

8. Basket Weave: Leave it to McQueen to top off models with hair that is more artistic than practical. Dreamweaver take us away. (via Beauty Counter)

9. Side Blinders: If you have a hard time concentrating on what’s right in front of you, a set of side blinders might do the trick. ADHD begone. (via Swell Beauty)

10. Top Of Head Origin: Just looking at this has us feeling like She-Ra. (via Gorgeous)

11. Side Hat: We are absolutely in love with this pile of braids that acts as a sort of cocked hat. And we’ll happily tip ours to it. (via Nataly Frigo)

12. Left Eye Braid: There’s just a sense of mysterious allure about this braid that has nothing to the not-so-great image quality. (via Hair Braids Style)

13. Wild One: People might question your dexterity, but trust us, to achieve this look, you need mad braiding skillz. (via Niferiti)

14. Faux Hawk: OMG. OMG. Can someone please make a tutorial for this totally awesome, totally crazy faux hawk? Quick! Must rock hair rings soon. (via Angelo Seminara)

15. Messiness: Okay, we can’t lie. Part of what caught our attention is the blazing eye treatment. But that rat’s nest crown is hard to ignore as well… and we do mean that in the best way possible. (via Michael Jennings Photography)

16. Pile Up: Braids that are supposed to look like they were slept on… we’re all about them. (via Holy Hair)

17. Flat Top: We’re totally into how so many of these braids double as a sort of hat. This one is putting on the ritz as a top hat, and we adore it. (via Tabs On Fashion)

18. Living On The Edge: A loose slung, yet tidy braid just on the edge of your cascading locks? Yes, please. (via model Katie Whitley)

19. Rapunzel: Rapunzel, please never let down your hair. That braid undoubtedly took a century to complete. Well worth it. (via Girls Gone Hair)

Which high-art look has you whipping your hair back and forth? Strand your thoughts in the comments below!