GUYS. Can we talk about Grace Helbig?


The actress, author, comedian and vlogger extraordinaire has a Webby award, two feature films, a cable talk show and two New York Timesbestselling books to her name… and that isn’t even the half of it. We’ve been following her for ages (and may or may not want to move into her YouTube series house), all the while admiring her ability to do it all, and to do it so well. She’s also just so charming, and to say we’re ecstatic to feature her as one of our speakers at Brit + Co’s Re:Make Summit on September 30 doesn’t even begin to express our feelings. That’s right, Grace Helbig is coming to Re:Make. Commence the hyperventilation.

But first: laughs. Here are 10 of the most hilar, gut-busting, laugh-cry-inducing Grace Helbig vlog moments. Get ready to LOL, people. No, really.

1. The Fart Sound Board Challenge: A fart sound drinking game featuring frequent co-conspirators Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart? Say no more.

2. Mean Girls With Lilly Singh: YouTubers casting other YouTubers to play the iconic roles of one of the greatest teen classics of all time = epic.

3. Reading Mean Comments With James Cordon: Because nothing is funnier than a charming British teddy bear saying truly vicious things in the name of comedy.

4. The Girlfriend Tag With Hannah Hart: BFFs being adorbs. That’s really all anyone needs in life, amirite?

5. Teens Reacting: Grace Helbig watches teens watch her vids, and it’s beautiful and poignant and darling.

6. #PimpleLife: Basically, the ad every single pimple cream company should actually be making.

7. Roast Yourself Challenge: A self-inflicted diss track that will make your heart sing.

What’s YOUR fave Grace Helbig vid? Tell us @BritandCo!

(Photo via Handout/Getty)