Grace Helbig is on a mission to take over the television and comedy world, one sarcastic joke at a time. With over two million YouTube subscribers and a new television show, The Grace Helbig Show, Grace has us giggling with each episode. While we love her jokes, we are seriously crushing on her show’s home decor, aka a millennial’s dream house. We’re talking emojis, quirky touches and even a Zodiak machine. Scroll on for our ten favorite features in Grace’s house.

1. Taco-ji on Chalkboard: We’re all about a good chalkboard wall, but Grace takes it to a new level by drawing taco-themed emoji, aka taco-ji. We need these on our phones asap.

2. Salon Wall: When you walk into her house, a salon wall greets you with inspirational quotes and art she found on Tumblr. It’s true, you can’t spell failure without “f, ur a lie.”

3. Emoji Wall: As if taco-ji weren’t enough, Grace has regular emojis on her walls too. Who knew home decor inspiration could come from your phone?

4. Selfie Wall: One major benefit to a wall full of selfies: You won’t need to drag out a photo album to remember all your favorite memories. Don’t forget to include your BFF, family and your SO in your pics.

5. Zodiac Machine: This zodiac machine doesn’t seem to work, but we still count this as a home decor win. We love the vintage touch it adds to the show’s modern decor.

6. Tiny Hanging Terrarium: Everyone can use a spot for a zen moment, including this YouTube star. You can DIY one yourself and hang it anywhere in your home.

7. Custom Pig Table: James, who is in charge of decorating the whole house, made this custom pig table. It’s totally random, yet this piggy fits in well.

8. The Grace Show Wall Decal: As major typography nerds, we love the whimsical design of Grace’s hashtag. We bet you’ll start seeing this decal on celeb guests’ Instagram accounts soon.

9. Organ: Like the Zodiak machine, this organ might not actually work, but it’s adding some #throwback charm to her retro room. Grace may not know how to play it, or if it even works, but she’ll make some funny jokes out of it anyway.

10. The Best Show: Scrabble-inspired decor? Yes, please! We’re definitely going to take on this project next.

Which decor idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

(Featured Image via YouTube)