‘Tis the season for holiday greeting cards. Whether or not you’ve already started receiving amazing (and hilarious) photos of your friends and family, they’ll start flowing into your mailbox soon enough. The question remains the same — how will you display all of these gems? For some, the fridge is the best spot, while others create a display on the mantel. We’ve got an even better option that doubles as holiday decor. Check out our tutorial below.


Materials and Tools:

– tree-shaped piece of wood (base is 23 inches, height is 30 inches)

– string

– ruler

– hammer

– nails

– pencil


Let’s get started!


First, make marks along the outline of the board. Start at the top and work your way down one side, marking every five inches. For the other side, start your marks at the base of the board so that they are not perfectly in line with the marks on the opposite side — you want them off kilter. Next, add your nails — just don’t hammer them too far into the board! Tie a piece of string to the top nail and then wrap it around the next one. Continue this process moving back and forth across the board.


When you reach the base of the board, continue wrapping the string so that it outlines the board. Be sure to wrap the string around each nail as you go. Once you get to the end, tie the string in a knot around one of the nails.


How will you display your holiday greeting cards? Take some pics and show us using the hashtag #britstagram.

DIY Production: Kelly Bryden
 Styling: Madeline Bachelder

Photography: Chris Andre and Brittany Griffin