Last week, we invited makers, bloggers and friends over to Brit + Co SF to get their gift wrap on. We teamed up with Scotch® Brand to bring our Ultimate Gift Wrap Station to life, and filled the room with holiday treats, colorful paper and ribbon and tons of TAPE!

Now, time to head to Brit HQ to see what all the holiday hullabaloo looked like.

Our friend Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day! stopped by to create a few fun striped cards with all sorts of colors and patterns. Check out her 5 Ways to Wrap Small Gifts post for inspiration on how to be the most gifted wrapper.

Everyone who attended the event picked from a variety of gorgeous gift wrap, and used Scotch® Brand tape to bring their beautiful gifts to life.

How awesome is this metallic tape? If a light-up Christmas tree could actually BE a roll of tape, this is most definitely what it would look like.

From gift bags to cards, we loved checking out everyone’s ideas.

Whether going for a simple set of stripes to hand-lettered card with tape accents, the creative possibilities for unusual and beautiful gift wrap are pretty darn endless.

Attendees even got to create custom gift wrap. To create a roll like this, all you need is a gold paint pen, Scotch® Double-Sided Tape and gold glitter. So chic!

Of course, we made sure there were plenty of photo opps. Antlers? Check. Little tiny Christmas tree hat? Check. Gorgeous Christmas tree? DOUBLE CHECK.

So many gifts, so many different ways to wrap ’em up!

Thanks to Scotch® Brand for teaming up with us to create such a fun and festive event.

This post is a collaboration with Scotch® Brand.