We’re all looking for more holiday decoration ideas. How cute is this holiday-inspired mantel decor? Here’s how to mimic the look featuring a few fun items from the Brit + Co Shop.

1. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Who needs picture frames? Change up your mantel or bookshelf decor with the cutest accent pillow around.

2. Custom Pop Art Portrait ($75): Add a pop to your holiday decor with a custom pop art print.

3. Winter Evergreen Trees ($57): Set the winter scene with these little evergreen trees in light green or white. Six trees are included in a pack.

4. Tannenbaum Wrapping Sheets ($15): Wrap up a gift (or use it for decor) with this festive tree wrapping paper that comes in green or pink.

5. Custom Paper Portrait ($120): How unique are these custom paper portraits? This would definitely be an awesome add-on to bookshelf decor.

6. Antler Ornaments ($39): Leave a few of these on the mantel for a little burst of color and shape.

7. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25): Add a pretty marbled tray to your bookshelf as a catchall for items such as candles, figurines, jewelry and more.

8. Month + Days Block Calendar ($60): Get the holiday countdown started with this colorful block calendar.

9. Custom Mixtape Pillow ($35): What’s your favorite Christmas song? Feature it on an accent pillow and totally up your holiday decor game.

10. Arrow Ornaments ($16): These little arrow ornaments can be added to gifts, hung on the wall, placed on the mantel or used on the Christmas tree.

11. Custom Soundwave Cuff ($149): Jewelry can turn into decor pieces too. Add this solid brass cuff to your holiday decor scene.

12. Hooray! Confetti Crackers ($15): Grab a few of these confetti crackers and sprinkle around a whole bunch of holiday cheer.

Are you planning on updating your mantel for the holidays? Tell us how in the comments section below.