When ordering a package, it’s like playing the waiting game — and more than once, you’ve probably missed your delivery. Since the beginning of mail time, knowing exactly where your package is has been impossible. But it looks like technology has finally caught up to the parcel delivery business.


Thankfully, UPS has finally come up with a response to this nonsense, and it goes by the name “Follow My Delivery.” The beta debuted earlier this year, but it has finally expanded from just the expensive packages.

Follow My Delivery displays a map with icons representing your package and your home (or wherever your package is going). We tried it out, and every couple of minutes you can actually see the package move. The only downside with the service is that you have to be a UPS My Choice member, but the good news is there’s a free tier.

So if you’re really antsy whenever you have a package coming, worry not! Now you can watch it make its way right up to your door — and if you happen to still miss your delivery, you can go flag down your delivery truck to pick it up. Whew.

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(Photos via UPS, Getty)