IKEA may still be our go-to place to pick up a new sofa (Tom Dixon collab, anyone?), but their recent Påskbord and Swedish crayfish party have had customers noticing that the brand is focusing on more than just furniture these days. That’s why we shouldn’t be shocked to find out that IKEA restaurants may be coming, and we’re willing to bet they’ll have way more than just meatballs.


With Fast Company reporting that 30 percent of customers show up merely for a meal (resulting in $1.8 billion worth of food sales in 2016 alone), not to mention the success of IKEA’s recent pop-up shops and food trucks, it’s no wonder one of the world’s most popular names in decor may now be jumping on the foodie train.

IKEA Food’s managing director, Michael La Cour, revealed that the company has big plans for their food-loving fans, saying, “I firmly believe there is potential. I hope in a few years our customers will be saying, ‘IKEA is a great place to eat — and, by the way, they also sell some furniture.’”

With no word yet on when IKEA restaurants might open, we’ll just have to wait and practice making our own salmon and avocado salad and cheese pie in the meantime. Mmm!

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Michel Porro/Getty)