We believe firmly in creating your own destiny (get it, girl!), but that doesn’t stop us from faithfully following astrology. Your written-in-the-stars sign can be used to predict *a LOT*, including traits of your personality, what your next mani should be, and even your ’90s heartthrob match (who knew?). And it can also arm us with the wisdom to see which home decor trends are most aligned with your star-sign. Read on for the deets.

1. Aries – Vibrant Red: Aries are traditionally passionate and fiery with bright, vibrant personalities. Add some spice to your bedroom with a rich rug in one of Pantone’s hottest hues for Spring 2018: Cherry Tomato or Chili Oil are both perfect! (via South Shore Decorating Blog)

2. Taurus – Velvet Statement Sofa: Besides being stubborn, bulls are known for their appreciation of the finer things in life — including luxurious fabrics. Opt for a beautiful statement sofa finished in a heaven-on-earth hue like goldenrod. (via My Attic)

3. Gemini – Lots of Color and Prints: Geminis are known for their dueling personalities and youthful, dynamic spirits. They’re full of fun, and there’s no better way to show that off than polka dots, pastels, vibrant brights, and a dash of sass. For you, Gemini, it all works. (via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

4. Cancer – Sage Hues: Sensitive Cancers seek peace and tranquility, particularly in their bedrooms. Create an environment of serene calm with this year’s hottest neutral, sage, and beautifully balance it with blush. (via Cocon Décoration et Vie Nomade)

5. Leo – Floral Statement Wall: Leos are born superstars. Your bold personality calls for a look-at-me wall. Install floral wallpaper for one of the season’s hottest trends, or create your own DIY statement wall. (via Alisa Burke)

6. Virgo – Thin-line Furniture: Modest Virgos are all about clean spaces. Embrace minimalist design, particularly thin-line furniture which feels light and modern while still bringing structure to your space. (via Studio McGee)

7. Libra – Brushed Gold and Black: When it comes to design, Libras want harmony. Aesthetically, you gravitate toward styles that feel proportionate and refined, but those don’t need to be boring (hello, black cabinets!). (via Studio McGee)

8. Scorpio – Purple: Scorpios are powerful, mysterious, and intense, just like the traditional color of royalty. Bring your magnetic energy to the forefront with a vibrantly colored sofa or richly painted walls. Try Pantone’s hue of 2018, Ultra Violet. (via Shop Style | Couch by Matthew Williamson)

9. Sagittarius – Fringes: Friendly Sags are adventurous spirits, world explorers, and expansive thinkers. Bring your wanderlust into your space with a boho statement piece, like a dreamy fringe light fixture. (via Justina Blakeney)

10. Capricorn – Herringbone Floors: Organized, orderly, and linear: words to describe both Capricorns and trend-of-the-moment herringbone. Keep floors, kitchens, and bathrooms feeling tidy and styish with this look. (via Elements of Style)

11. Aquarius Trend – Terrazzo: Aquariuses are fun and unconventional, and demand a trend that is as quirky as they are. Terrazzo is it! This ’70s-throwback may be popping up all over in 2018, but not everyone can pull off this look — but you can, Aquarius. (via Clem Around the Corner)

12. Pisces – Fish Scale Tiles: Pisces are creative, imaginative, and sometimes adaptable — just like the sea. Embrace it, sister, with these ocean-friendly and whimsical bathroom tiles. (via Emily Henderson)

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