Hey, remember that time we wrote a book? It’s called Homemakers and it’s finally available for pre-order! We’re super excited to reveal a few snippets to you, our amazingly inspiring readers. We’ll kick things off with… drumroll please… the COVER!

The cover basically gives you a run-down of what the whole thing is about:

The rules of “homemaking” have changed. Today’s generation of women are uber connected and mostly employed, yet still seek creative outlets on the daily. Hence Homemakers is one part resource guide for today’s busy, modern homemaker — complete with charts, tips + tricks, recipes and dozens of DIY projects — and one part exploration into how new advances in technology are impacting our creative lives at home.

Beyond the scope of modern creativity, we’ll dive into a discussion of what “homemaker” will quite literally mean in the coming years. It’s only a matter of time before we all have the potential to create physical products from within our homes using new technologies like 3D printing, smart devices and more. For the first time in history, will “home maker” be a more literal description of our role? (I say yes!)

Hitting bookstores both online and offline on March 3, 2015, but once again, you can pre-order from your favorite literary retailer right NOW! Early birds like you, our dear B+C readers, will gain access to a whole bucket of creative surprises in the form of downloads, printables and exclusive content. We might even mail you a confetti popper to tell you how much we love you.

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Until then, happy (home) making!