Planning a wedding is no small feat. With details running the gamut from bridesmaid dresses to how big (or small) your guest list will be, there are always a million things to organize for the big day. With millennials starting to tie the knot, we’re seeing a whole new set of wedding trends based on the generation’s youthful preferences. Now, Pinterest has released data on how the wedding game is changing based on search results for the site. Their findings are surprising, to say the least.


In a blog post released today, the company talks about some of the biggest trends for 2016, and the “Honeymoon Fund” is one of the most searched topics for wedding boards. What’s a Honeymoon Fund? Well, instead of a traditional gift registry, the happy couple asks that their wedding guests gift them with money to help pay for their post-wedding vacay. Plus, it’s super fun to incorporate a physical jar or box for the fund as part of the wedding decor — that’s where Pinterest comes in. Searches on the site for Honeymoon Fund-related decor ideas have gone up by 200 percent this year so far.

The increase in the use of a Honeymoon Jar isn’t that surprising, since studies show time and again that millennials prefer experiences over stuff. So it makes perfect sense that they’d prefer to share an awesome vacation with their new spouse instead of getting a new set of towels, right?

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