Nothing gives life to a home like an actual piece of livingdecor. Enter the high-maintenance houseplant — someone gave it to you as an apartment-warming gift, you picked it up at your local flea, or maybe you even shelled out some bills at the boujie nursery down the block. Whatever the case, you bring it home, and before long, it dies. So why not set yourself up for some serious green thumb success instead? We chose nine (nearly) un-killable houseplants that can be neglected, and will thrive if you give ’em lots of love. Scroll down for our top picks that are easy to care for, totally gorg, and guaranteed to liven up even your darkest room.

1. Air Plants: Boasting over 650 varieties, these Tilandsia BBs will live happily ever after, almost anywhere. Air circulation is a must, but they don’t need to be rooted in soil (hence, air plants) and they make the perfect easy-to-care-for addition. Style them as a solo statement or nestled in a glass terrarium. Keep in partial sunlight and mist leaves daily during warmer months, and more infrequently in colder months.

2. Snake Plants: Oh sweet Sansevieria, how we love you so. Known for being hardy and adaptable, and boasting multicolored edges of gray, silver, and gold, the snake plant doesn’t disappoint. Low light, occasional watering, and rare to nonexistent fertilizing make this leafy plant a top pick.

3. Cast Iron Plants: Touting glossy dark green leaves, this houseplant is both sturdy and elegant. Aspidistra is slow growing and prefers low light, cool temps, and high humidity, making it a great choice for your bathroom. If you can’t find it in the houseplant section, be sure to check the outside plant area where they’re often found and used for outdoor garden ground cover.

4. Aloe Vera: Summer is prime time for sunburns, so ditch the drugstore version and keep your very own Aloe plant alive and thriving at home for year-round pain relief! Known as the “plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians, this plant’s leaves are filled with a soothing gel. Bonus: It’s pretty to look at too!

5. Burro’s Tail: This cute succulent hails from Central America and loves being potted on a ledge or suspended vertically in a corner, where the stems will grow and dangle over time. Sedum morganianum prefers more sunlight and less water, and is easily propagated (baby shower gifts, anyone?).

6. Christmas Cactus: Like its common name implies, Schlumbergera bridgessii only shows its bright red flowers during the holidays. This feature makes it a gorgeous addition to any room and also a great present for all your plant-averse friends. Moderate light and frequent watering will keep this low-maintenance superstar happy.

7. Jade Plant: Considered to be good luck, Crassula ovata prefers around-the-clock sunbathing, doesn’t mind higher temps, and will take a little fertilizer every six months or so. Only water this little green queen when her top layer of soil dries out.

8. Pothos: This “starter” plant seems to stay alive no matter what — bright light or low light, dry soil or only in water (yes, it grows in water!), occasional fertilizer or none at all. And it’s happy dangling vertically or potted upright. Note: If you have plant-nibbling pets, steer clear of Pothos — although not deadly, it’s still considered toxic to animals.

9. Heart Leaf Philodendron: AKA the sweetheart plant, Philodendron scandens’ glossy, heart-shaped leaves will naturally climb or trail and are easy to tame either way. Give it a home in moderate to bright light, let the soil dry out between waterings (in warm months, mainly), and mist foliage occasionally.

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Illustration: Marisa Kumtong