Sun, sand, and surf aren’t just for the beach anymore. Thanks to the latest decor trend — bohemian beachy chic — you can bring your fave seaside retreat inside your own home with just a few accents (think: bright coastal whites, bold boho colors, and prints of all kinds). Just add in a few surf accessories, maybe a colada or two, and you’re on your way to achieving the laid-back look in no time at all.

1. In Print: Identify your decorating inspo with an item that pays homage to the place you love most. A beach print does just that while serving as the perfect anchor to keep the rest of your space in tune with *all* the outdoor vibes. (via MyDomaine)

2. Hanging Loose: Swap your traditional recliner with a hanging seat for a look that elevates the room and serves as the perfect post-sun recovery spot. (via Billabong)

3. Into the Blue: Mimic ocean hues by accessorizing with different shades of blue. Style them against an all-white backdrop and add neutral furniture pieces for a seriously cool seaside style. (via Becki Owens)

4. White Out: Brighten a white bedroom oasis by using a monochromatic color scheme. Then complement with a wicker basket and pretty plants. (via Feed Puzzle)

5. Going With Greenery: Add a breath of fresh air to your kitchen by decorating with green-toned prints and fabrics. You’ll feel like you’re outside, without *actually* stepping through the front door. (via Glitter Inc.)

6. Surf’s Up: Add in the most iconic shoreline accessory — a surfboard. Regardless of the placement (although we like it in the dining room), it’ll transform your space into the sandy surf break you’ve been day-dreaming about. (via MyDomaine)

7. Combo Deal: Combine contrasting prints, multi-colored palettes, and varying textures together to capture the sensation of a busy day in the sand. (via Inspired by This)

8. Accessorize: If you’re living in a rental, go with a temporary take on coastal decor. Stocking shelves full of bright, mismatched accessories is an easy way to recreate a rustic look, with the option to swap out pieces with the changing seasons. (via SF Girl by the Bay)

9. Neutral Chic: Balance a basic chandelier against faux fur throws for a stylish mashup that takes on an innovative bohemian-chic vibe. (via Glitter Guide)

10. Browns + Bolds: While we’re mixing things up, here’s another duo to try. Integrate bold prints with brown accessories to create an equally compelling decorating scheme, all while keeping that same free-spirited muse in mind. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Coastal Retreat: After a long day of beaching it up, melt into this dreamy home escape. Use flowing linens, blue accents, and seashell accessories to transform your own swoon-worthy space. Bonus points for adding a canopy bed! (via Coastal Style)

12. Boho Bedroom: You can also keep things more mellow and work with textured and natural pieces only. Whether you go more beachside or boho, these bedroom designs will give you the R&R you need for your next day by the sea. (via The Decorista)

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