Fine, okay, yes. We know we shouldn’t be using our phones in bed. It’s basically the 21st century cardinal sin, and yet we all do it. Even though scientists have told us that the light from our phones will keep us awake even longer, it’s hard to resist a good Instagram scroll when it’s impossible to sleep. We’ve always felt a bit guilty about it — until now. We just figured out an AMAZING iPhone hack that will let you turn the backlight on your iPhone waaaaaaaay down (like, down lower than you ever thought possible), so you can scroll to your heart’s content without worrying about staying awake. Here’s how to do it:

Phone in Bed

First, go to your Settings. Then tap General > Accessibility. From there, click Zoom. Go to the rectangle that says Zoom Region and switch the option from Full Screen Zoom to Window Zoom. (You can do this just by clicking.) Now turn on the Zoom feature so it’s green. Now you’re going to have to triple tap on your screen. (To do this, just use three fingers and hit it normally.)

So now a pop-up should appear with a few different options. Click Full Screen Zoom, which will make a new pop-up window appear. Now drag the circle on the magnifying glass all the way to the left so you are not zoomed in at all. Now click Choose Filter and then select Low Light.

Bada bing, bada boom, you’ve got low light. If the screen ever gets too dark for you, you can bring the light right back up using the normal drag-up menu. Now feel free to scroll through the internet until all hours of the morning. Sweet dreams.

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