At Brit + Co we have a strong case of the side hustle fever, but it can still be scary to think about setting off on your own to be a creative freelancer. Saying goodbye to a steady 9-to-5, finding your own clients, managing a business – yikes! But what if you had your own teacher, someone who has been there and done that?

This is why we teamed up with our friends at Cotton to offer you a FREE ONLINE CLASS. Cotton is all about leaving the comfort to clothes so you can break out of your comfort zone in other ways. Together, we want you to breathe easy knowing that we’ve got your back, both in your clothing and all the other ways you put yourself out there – like starting a creative freelancing career! We’ve brought in top notch teacher, surface pattern designer, and creative freelancer, Elizabeth Olwen, to share everything you need to know to get your creative freelancing business started.

In her own career, Elizabeth has been charting her own path for 10 years and has collaborated with a wide range of household name brands, so you know she means business. Check out the teaser below and sign up for your free class HERE!


In this 43 minute class, you’ll learn to:

  • Promote and market yourself as a creative freelancer.
  • Understand different pricing structures and set the right rate.
  • Demystify documents like creative briefs and contracts (so important!).
  • Maintain productive “work systems” to effectively work with clients.

You’ll also get:

  • A list of Elizabeth’s five key tasks to get self-promotion off the ground.
  • The formula for putting together a simple yet effective elevator pitch.
  • Elizabeth’s personal recommendations for additional creative freelancing resources.

Let’s get your creative freelancing career started! Enroll in our ONLINE CLASS today and use it as a quick-start guide.

Photography: Chris Andre

Author: Sarah Vogt + Lee Schellenberger