Every bride and groom will voice the same complaint: It’s super hard to stay on budget while planning a wedding. Between the flowers, dress, cake, venue and honeymoon, wedding bills quickly pile up. Luckily, in the age of DIY weddings, there are ways to cut corners without sacrificing any fun. Case in point? Be your own DJ! Take these five simple tips into consideration, and you’re on the fast track to throwing a party that no one will forget… with the help of your iPod!

1. Ask Your Guests for Requests: Why guess what people want to hear? Ask them! Include a song request card with your invitation for guests to mail back with their RSVP or add a section to your wedding website for suggestions. (via Wedding Dash)

2. Remember Your Audience: That being said, don’t forget to play crowd pleasers for all ages. What’s a wedding without “Shout”? (via Snixy Kitchen, image via DJ Sota)

3. Make Playlists for Important Moments: No need to scramble to find the perfect song for cutting the cake. Make specific playlists for the each section of the night so all you have to do is press play. In fact, WeddingDJ app makes setting up playlists foolproof… and it’s only $4.99, which is at least 1/200 of what you would spend on a DJ. (via Apartment Therapy, image via iTunes)

4. Cross-Fade Like a Pro: Nothing is worse than a long pause between songs. Protip! By using an app like WeddingDJ or changing the duration between songs on your player settings, the transition between songs will be seamless. (via Wedding Republic, image via Davis Event Group)

5. Invest in Quality Speakers: The last thing you want is to spend all this time planning out the music for your big day to have no one hear it. For a few hundred dollars, you can rent a professional amplification system so that the all the chatting at the reception — no doubt about how kick-ass your wedding is — won’t drown out the tunes. (via A Practical Wedding, image via Studio Care)

Did you DJ your wedding? How else did you save money while planning your big day? Tell us in the comments below!