Whether you鈥檙e new to Netflix or you鈥檝e been a subscriber for years, chances are you鈥檝e done your fair share of binge-watching (or maybe even binge-racing!). Netflix knows this, and they鈥檙e encouraging users to reminisce about their first time 鈥 their first time binge-watching an entire TV series, that is.

According to new data, Netflix subscribers are likely to start indulging in a marathon streaming session just 12 days into signing up. Most people finish a season within just three days, but binge-watching, per Netflix, is defined as completing at least one season of a show within seven days of starting it.

So, what are people likely to fire up first? The top 10 鈥渇irst binges鈥 in the US are:

1. Orange Is the New Black

2. Breaking Bad

3. The Walking Dead

4. Stranger Things

5. House of Cards

6. Sons of Anarchy

7. Fuller House

8. American Horror Story

9. Family Guy

10. Grey鈥檚 Anatomy

Globally, the titles don鈥檛 vary too much, with just the addition of Narcos, Prison Break, and 13 Reasons Why (and minus Family Guy, Sons of Anarchy, and Fuller House).

Even celebrities binge-watch stuff on Netflix (duh). In a new video from the streaming service, Jodie Foster admits to crushing three seasons of Breaking Bad in three days (can鈥檛 blame her), Mindhunter鈥榮 Jonathan Groff said he couldn鈥檛 stop watching Alias (starring Jennifer Garner), and OITNB鈥榮 Dascha Polanco watched all of Jessica Jones in just one night. Honestly, we feel so seen right now.

So, how do you find out your own first binge-watch? Simply go to your Account Page, click on 鈥淰iewing Activity,鈥 and, depending on how long you鈥檝e been a subscriber and how many titles you鈥檝e watched, scroll alllllllllllllll the way down. Mine? Mad Men. It might be time for a rewatch.

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(photo via JoJo Whilden/Netflix)