There are few gimmicks more perfect than the checkout line add-on. Those magazines, packs of gum and tiny little tchotchkes that you never knew you needed until it’s too late and they’re already bought. For some, the add-ons end up being the favorite part of their purchase. Its magnetism is something that online retailers have also begun exploiting in that last second before you press “place order.” But online, it’s been impossible to buy solely those perfect little add-ons — until now. There’s a great new little loophole that will get you your special items with free shipping on Amazon.

Wireless retail therapy

The best way to go about doing this is to order something that isn’t available yet, AKA pre-order. It has to be something over $25 to get you access to Amazon’s add-ons. Once that item is in your cart, you can click on all the add-ons you want: pens, toothpaste, post-its, make-up, whatever. Then, once the entire order is placed, Amazon will send out your add-ons.

You can cancel the pre-order portion of your order after purchase, if you so choose. (We’re not telling you to — but we’re also not telling you not to.)

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(h/t Insider; photo via Getty)