Under eye bags are one of the biggest beauty bummers. Whether they’re caused by lack of sleep, genetics or diet, those under eye monstrosities can really put a damper on your makeup look and how you feel about yourself. So when we happened upon Wayne Goss’ insanely awesome and mega simple YouTube Tutorial on banishing under eye bags we were like LIFE. MADE. NOW.

As a makeup pro who’s been in the beauty scene for a while, I can confirm that this hack is unreal and truly works: In 30 seconds, your eye bags can be completely gone with just a small brush and a little concealer by highlighting ONLY the shadow that the eye bag creates (mind= blown!). We swear you’ll want to sing Wayne’s praises because his technique is a total game changer — kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase Change Your Bag, Change Your Life. Check out how to pull it off IRL below:

Step 1: Use the *Right* Tools + Concealer


First things first, add your foundation and conceal dark circles as you normally would. This tutorial is strictly about getting rid of your under eye bag. Once those are masked, grab a fine angled, slanted brush for the application, like MAC’s 208 Angled Brow Brush ($20) and light concealer — Wayne used MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation ($27), but you can pick up any light concealer or even a pencil like NYX Cosmetics Wonder Pencil ($5) as long as the concealer is *lighter* than your actual skin tone. Think about it like this: you need to brighten — or highlight — the shadow your eye bag creates.

Step 2: Correctly Place The Concealer


The most important thing to remember about this makeup hack is that you only want to highlight the shadow under your eye bags and not the eye bags themselves! If you highlight the bag you will only make it look worse. The application is simple, but it takes practice. The most important thing to nail is *where* to place the concealer on your face, so find the shadow line — that’s your X-marks-the-spot marker — and trace the concealer along the outer edge of the bag shadow and inner edge of it in small strokes. Build up the product gradually using this motion and say buh-bye to those bags. The before and after photos are jaw-dropping.

Wayne, you’re our hero.

Tell us, are you going to give this technique a try?