Leaving work on Friday night is pretty much the BEST feeling. You’ve got two whole days to do whatever you want, whether it’s baking rainbow desserts, crafting a new sequin beach bag or plopping down to watch one of the best Netflix shows ever. And just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. GSD can not only be satisfying, but it’ll ensure that next week goes off without a hitch. Read on for our list of seven things that’ll make the most of your precious weekend time.


1. Get a move on. While getting in a good sweat sesh might be the LAST thing you want to do after a long week of work, the benefits of exercise have been proven to make you feel happier and give you major energy. Squeezing in some time doesn’t have to be a drag either — grab a friend and head out for a hike or plan to do an active outdoor activity. Whatever it is, just get moving.

2. Tackle your to-do list. Are there pesky things you need to do that you just didn’t have time for during the week? We totally understand. Whether it’s picking up dry cleaning, boxing up and mailing your online shopping no’s or something more fun, like a new DIY project to spruce up your space, use your weekend time to get it done. You’ll feel accomplished and have much less to think about come Monday.


3. Prep your lunches for the week. We know that bringing lunch to work is a tried-and-true way to eat healthier and save money, so take advantage of the weekend to prep food you can take with you once the work week arrives again. Sandos, salads and bento box lunches are all delish options that you’ll totally look forward to.

4. Rest and rejuvenate. One word: Netflix. Resting up is one of the best things you can do for your productivity, since truly recovering from the week will help you come back to work refreshed, energetic and able to do your best work. If streaming shows and vids isn’t your thing, make time for a good book, peaceful trip to the beach or whatever else helps you seriously unwind.

5. Get as close to inbox zero as you can. Emails can add up frighteningly fast, whether they’re from friends checking in or are marketing emails that you actually want to scope out from your fave retailers. Use weekend time to sift through them over a cup of coffee, clearing out your inbox as best you can for the week.


6. Clean your casa. A clean house is a happy house — and a gal who doesn’t have to worry about mopping the floor or scrubbing the tub after a crazy long day at work is equally joyful. If you have a few free hours, get most of the time-consuming cleaning tasks done. That should free you up during the week, which you can use for lighter, everyday tidying.

7. Learn something new. Since your energy levels and brain power are at a maximum, weekends are the perfect time to learn something new. Make time for the creative project you’ve been thinking about or actually sit down for the online course you signed up for months ago. If you’re on the go, try learning from a podcast, YouTube vid or book.

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