Some of you really hate clutter (you’re called minimalists), and hate the sight of unused things clogging up perfectly good real estate. That dislike probably extends to your iPhone screen — why oh why does Apple feel the need to pre-load every phone with a bunch of apps you don’t even need (Stocks? and the Apple Watch app for non-Apple Watch owners? C’mon!)? You may not be able to permanently delete these apps just yet (Tim Cook says they’re working on it, but… it’s complicated), but there is a glitch in the current iOS 9 update that allows you to banish these pesky, never-used apps from sight by taking advantage of the lag on the “Reduce Motion” option on your iPhone. And that’s at least something.

What “Reduce Motion” does is take away some of the extra movement on your screen called the parallax effect. The parallax effect was implemented in 2013 to give your screen a little more feeling of depth, but for some it’s either annoying or causes motion sickness. Turning on “Reduce Motion,” however, has a side effect that Apple hasn’t caught yet (well, actually they have. In the iOS 9.1 beta, it seems like they might have closed up this glitch, so take advantage now).


First, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on “Reduce Motion.”


Next, create a folder of all the apps you don’t want on your screen. I have labeled mine “Apple Junk.”


In the meantime, also create a folder where you want this hidden folder to go. I chose to put it inside my “Apple” folder, alongside the apps I actually DO use, like App Store.


Now watch closely. You want to hold down your “Apple” folder until it starts to wiggle. Then, quickly, you want to tap into and tap out of the folder repeatedly. Keep the “Apple Junk” folder close by for an easy transition.


As you’re tapping out of your “Apple” folder, you want to immediately hold down the “Apple Junk” folder to get it ready to move. While the lag is happening, you move the “Apple Junk” folder right into the “Apple” folder. Voilà! A folder in a folder.


Press the Home button and you’ll find that the “Apple Junk” folder has been completely hidden from sight.

Check out the video on how to pull off the trick below.

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(h/t Tech Times)