As the year comes to a close, there will be many occasions to decorate your dinner table. Whether you’re having the gals over for a dinner party, hosting Thanksgiving or throwing a holiday celebration, there are plenty of reasons to think about tabletop design. We love taking plain decorations and making them our own, especially so that we can coordinate colors and patterns. Today we’re going to show you a few tricks to create a dining table that will wow your guests, starting with DIY stamped placemats.



– plain placemats

– foam sheet

– wooden block

– acrylic paint (available at Michaels)


– scissors

– hot glue

– pen

– foam brush



1. First, draw your stamp designs on the foam sheet and cut them out.

2. Glue them to the wooden block to create a stamp.

3. Apply a layer of acrylic paint to the stamp and then press it firmly onto your placemat. Let dry.


We went with diamonds in various sizes for our stamp design. You can cut out any design you want, but we recommend you keep it simple. Geo shapes are a great option. After you draw your shape onto the foam, cut it out and glue it to the wooden block.


Paint a thin layer of acrylic onto the foam stamp and then press it onto the placemat to make your mark. Michaels has so many paint colors! Have fun choosing a palette.


We added shiny gold diamonds for a hint of bling.


And we finished with a smaller lilac diamond.


So easy, yet it adds color and pattern to the tablescape.


In addition to the placemats, add confetti to your tabletop to continue the shape theme. We used the Sizzix Eclips2 to cut out perfect designs. The machine does all the work for you!


When your guests take a seat, it’s always nice to have beverages on the table. We’ll bust out the wine later, but we’re starting off with Izze sodas. More than just water, these beverages add a little hint of flavor along with some fizz. They are also just the right color for our table :)


Finally, as an alternative to place cards, put Studio Ink cards on your table. Along with a name, you can also add a personal note inside.



What else would you add to this tablescape? Ideas are always welcome in the comments.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre