Considering Friday has finally arrived – aka the start of Coachella round two – we have a pretty good idea of what’s going to be popping up all over your social feeds this weekend: scandalous performances, celeb outfit inspo and oh-so-many party snaps. If you’re missing the music festival (be that regrettably or voluntarily), we suggest shutting off the social networks and logging in some quality DIY time instead. From a small space-approved side table to fabric-covered stairs, here are 10 projects to tackle before Monday’s return.

1. Space Saving Side Table: Side tables are something of a couch staple. You always need a place to set that cup of coffee or bowl of popcorn. But if you’re inhabiting a tiny studio apartment, a table might take up crucial floor space. Solve that dilemma with this simple, modern table that only takes up a few extra inches. (via Sinnlnrausch)

2. Cherry Blossom Flower Crown: Spring has officially arrived, and with it comes an abundance of cherry blossoms. Even if you’re not in D.C., you can still embrace the blooming of these pretty pink flowers by rocking this flower crown made of crepe paper. (via Brit + Co)

3. Ombré Sneakers: Not feeling sandals just yet? You’ll forget all about that open-toed option once you set your sights on this fun DIY. Grab a cheap pair of basic sneakers and use spray paint to create these stunning kicks. (via Oleander and Palm)

4. Marble and Copper Side Table: It should be totally obvious by now that copper piping is good for a whole lot more than plumbing. To cut down on cost, sub out the marble table top for a piece of thick-cut plastic or color-blocked wood. (via A Joyful Riot)

5. No-Sew Embroidery Shirts: We guarantee you’ll impress all your friends when you tell them that that you embroidered your super cute shirt all on your own. No need to tell them at that it actually only took you about 45 minutes and you didn’t even use a sewing machine. (via Brit + Co)

6. Mod Podge Stairs: If your home is in need of a fun upgrade here’s an idea you can tackle in just a day – no contractor required. To give your stairwell this fun, patterned boost, all you need is copious amounts of Mod Podge and about two and a half yards of graphic fabric (depending on how big your stairs are). (via Plaster and Disaster)

7. Vertical Desk Organizer: No space for a desk with a set of drawers? No problem! Create this cool vertical desk organizer and you won’t miss those clunky things even a little bit. (via Atilio)

8. Copper Pipe Plant Hangers: Air plants are something of a miracle for those of us whose thumbs are in no way green. They don’t need soil and only require a spritz of water every now and again. Show off the magical plants with these cool hanging planters made from copper piping. Hang them above that copper-piped side table for maximum industrial charm. (via Brit + Co)

9. Beach Ball Backdrop: Throwing a fun get-together sometime soon? Make your soirée extra Instagram-worthy by transforming plain paper lanterns into an epic beach ball backdrop. We’re thinking the hashtag “#bestphotoboothever” is going to have to accompany that snap. (via Sugar and Cloth)

What are projects do you have planned for this weekend? Share with us in the comments below.