Collared shirts have always been a staple, but in the past year or so collars themselves have become totally en vogue. From free floating pieces paired with strapless dresses (stay tuned) to simple updates to old shirts, the collar is an easy to way to add a little flair to your daily style.

For today's collar pop, we used a few basic materials to update a handful of button-down shirts. Each of these projects took a matter of minutes!


– neon duct tape (you know we love it)

– lace trim

– iron-on studs

– needle & thread

– iron & ironing board

We'll start with a little bit of lace.

First, cut the end of your lace at the same angle as your collar to ensure it sits perfectly. Stitch using a whip stitch (up around the edge of the fabric rather than side to side) and continue around the entire collar. Cut off at the appropriate angle at the other end (the other collar point). If you like stitch the inside line as well.


Now, the iron-on studs. These are basically metal squares that have the appearance of studs but are ridiculously easy to apply.

Iron your shirt flat so that it's an even surface. Lay down the studs in the pattern you like. Use a piece of cotton (old t-shirt, rag, etc) and lay it over the studs. Iron for 30 seconds or so, and you should be good to go. Repeat with the sleeve if you like!

Last, but not least, our old friend duct tape. This one is super easy and is more of a temporary jazz-up to any button down you have.

Snip off 2-3 inches of tape, center it over the point of your collar. Fold on each side, and you're done! It's kind of ridiculous how simple this one is. A great move for adding a little color to just about anything.

We couldn't help but add duct tape collar trim to a few more shirts.

Add a little pizzazz to your pinstrips.

Or try adding purple accent points to a navy linen dress. The most important thing about this project? Have fun with it! :)

How do you update old clothes for new trends? Send ideas our way on Twitter. And if adding collars to old button-downs isn't your jam, definitely check out Threadflip and make some dollars off those old threads!