If you’re considering selling your iPhone, you probably know to delete all your info off of it. But you’re probably doing it wrong. There are tons of secret places on your phone where data hides, and if you resell it without checking everything, you’re opening yourself up to some serious security issues. But have no fear: Here’s your definitive guide to making sure absolutely everything is wiped off your phone.

Step one is to back up your phone. You never know when you’re going to need what’s on there already. You can do this in iTunes when you plug your phone into your computer. Once your phone is plugged in, open iPhoto. Then click “delete photos from your iPhone” and everything will easily wipe off.


Now, back on your phone, go into Settings and turn off iMessage and FaceTime. Disable iCloud and then completely log out your Apple ID. When you’ve done all this, it’s time to restore factory settings. In Settings, go to General, then Reset, then click “Erase All Content and Settings” and your phone will clear itself out.

Lastly, unregister the phone and call your network to make sure your number is no longer associated with it. You can also delete everything from your phone from your computer via Find My iPhone. Now you’re all set to sell your phone and make off with some cash for your next upgrade. You’re welcome.

(h/t Popsugar; Photo via Getty)