It’s always great when something comes along that helps you create the illusion that you spent hours and hours in the kitchen creating a gourmet meal. Frigidaire induction appliances, which uses powerful electromagnets to create heat in metal-based pots or pans, allows you to do just that by dramatically reducing how long it takes for food to cook to perfection.

Even better, when your food cooks more quickly, you’re using less energy – the Frigidaire line is about 70 percent more energy efficient than gas and 20 percent more efficient than electric, in fact.

If you’re worried that having more time to catch up with your blog reading will mean you’re sacrificing taste, don’t be. Even award-winning chefs like Anne Burrell are impressed at how you can adjust the heat with greater accuracy than on gas and electric cooktops, perfect for cooking delicate foods and sauces.

And although Frigidaire appliances can boil a pot of water in a snap, you’re texting fingers have never been safer experimenting in the kitchen. The cooktops feature sensors that automatically detect the presence of magnetic cookware, and adjust the induction field to the exact size of the pan, so the surrounding area will stay cooler to the touch. A feature that makes cleanup a breeze, too!

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