If you’re like us, you’ve dreamed of recreating Cher’s computerized wardrobe since the first time you saw Clueless. Now, thanks to Stylebook and Cloth, you can do something pretty close to that, and all from your iPhone.

First up, Stylebook. The Stylebook app lets you add items to your virtual “closet”, pull items together to create “looks”, gather inspiration and ideas for outfits, schedule your outfits on a calendar, and many more cool features. The app is $3.99 in the app store and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

To use Stylebook the first step is to individually upload all of the items in your closet into different categories. You can do this by either taking a photo, copying and pasting a photo from your browser, or choosing an existing photo on your iPhone. After you upload the photo, use Stylebook’s background removal tool so that you can easily add pieces together.

Once all of your clothing items are uploaded and organized into your new digital closet, you can then start piecing together outfits or “looks” as well as take advantage of the other features the app has to offer.

We love Stylebook but some users may find it time consuming or technically difficult to upload a photo of every single item of clothing you own and remove the background of the photo so it looks nice when you combine the clothing items to make outfits. If you’re more into keeping track of great outfits, you’ll definitely love Cloth.

With Cloth, rather than individual items of clothing, the focus is on the outfit. The app makes it simple to snap a photo of outfits you wear and then organize them into categories such as work, everyday, and vacation.

Once you have taken photos of your outfits you can view them in your feed. You can also easily share your outfits on your social networks to get opinions from friends and family.

For some, Cloth may be a better virtual closet solution because the app makes it simple to quickly snap a photo of each outfit you wear and organize it into a category. Then, when you need inspiration to figure out what to wear you can just glide through your feed or you can browse through your outfits. The app also makes it fun to discover new outfits in your closet and snap photos of them for future looks. You can purchase the Cloth app for $0.99 through May.

No matter which app you choose, stop stressing about what to wear each morning and start organizing your closet with your iPhone! Know of any other apps that help you get your threads organized? If you use these and end up finding clothes you really don’t wear, be sure to flip ’em over on Threadflip! (Clueless image via Norwegianne)