You remember Bump, right? It was one of the first iPhone apps that allowed you to transfer information from one iPhone to another, simply by opening the app, holding your phone, and bumping fists. An instant win for bros and nerds alike, it also opened up a world of technology that skips the email or SMS step for transferring photos and contact info.

Well today Bump is bumping it up a notch. Now you can bump photos not only from phone to phone, but from phone to computer!

If you're like us, you've emailed yourself photos on a daily basis to share on various social networks and wish there was an easier way to transfer photos quickly and seamlessly. You can always plug in your iPhone and sync your entire library, but that can take forever and you're not always on your main computer.

Bump answers that problem creatively and playfully, by allowing you to bump with your computer too. Simple fire up the Bump app on your phone, go to the Bump website on your computer, choose the photo you want on your phone, and bump the spacebar on your computer to receive the photo. There's no software to install or registration required – just a bump!

This is a particular awesome update for folks who want to share photos on different computers, or if you're at a friend's place and they want a photo of yours right away. There's next to no lag time and you can even share via Facebook and Twitter directly from the Bump website.

Of course, there are lots of ways to wirelessly transfer your photos these days, including today's latest photo app: Facebook Camera. Facebook Camera makes it easy to take and share photos from your entire library to Facebook, and allows you to view a photo-only feed from your Facebook friends. Here are some of our other favorite apps for syncing wirelessly and storing photos.

Google Plus: As long as you have the Google Plus app open, every photo you take is automatically transfered to your Google Plus account. If you don't want the automatic upload, the Google Plus Photos app lets you upload 100 photos at a time, in under a minute.

Dropbox: With the Dropbox app, you can sync photos from a specific gallery or upload with one quick step.

iCloud: With an iCloud subscription, all of the music, photos, and videos on your phone are wirelessly transferred to your account without the touch of a button.

What do you think of the Bump update? Will you use it? Does it seem more useful than emailing yourself photos? Or is it more of an added bonus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or send us a note on Twitter.

Editor's Note: We consciously resisted any reference to Snooki and/or the Bump-It in this bumptastic post. ;)