HQ Trivia is stepping up its game in a big way. The viral app plans to give away a whopping $250,000 prize this week, thanks to a sponsorship from Warner Bros.’ Ready Player One movie.

Since launching last August, HQ Trivia has gained massive popularity and now sees more than 1 million live viewers tune in daily to compete in the 12-question elimination-format competitions, where players must answer each multiple-choice question within 10 seconds as the challenge gets progressively harder.

Yesterday, March 25, Ready Player One‘s Twitter account tweeted a movie trailer-style announcement with the message, “This Wednesday, Ready Player One and HQ Trivia invite you to join the leaderboard!”

The movie, out this Friday, March 30, is about people who compete in a virtual-reality world to unlock clues and hopefully earn themselves a fortune. Sound sort of familiar? While HQ Trivia players don’t use virtual reality, there are definitely some similarities between the story and the app — such as millions of users logging on from all around the world — which makes this collab extra fun.

And that’s on top of the massive prize money. Thanks to Warner Bros.’ involvement, HQ Trivia players will have a chance to win some big bucks. Previously, the biggest cash prize jackpot was $50,000, which was split between six winners on Oscars night, March 4.

Log on for the fun on March 28 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

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(photo via Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros. Pictures)