Hugh Grant took it in stride when people on Twitter said he was 鈥渁ging like mayonnaise鈥 at the Golden Globes. But this isn鈥檛 the first time he鈥檚 dealt with hostile opinions. The actor just confessed that Robert Downey Jr. disliked him so much that he 鈥渨anted to kill鈥 him.

鈥淗e hated me,鈥 the Paddington 2 star admitted in a new interview with Peoples Jess Cagle. 鈥淲e did a thing called Restoration, and he took one look at me and wanted to kill me.鈥 When Cagle asked why Downey Jr. might have reacted that way, Grant couldn鈥檛 come up with an answer, saying (with a smile), 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know! I was so hurt.鈥

These days, things seem to be much friendlier between the pair. On Thursday, the Iron Man actor took to Twitter to address what Grant said about their time together, writing, 鈥淎 lot has happened over two decades! I respect how Mr. Grant has matured as an artist & voice against violations of privacy. Let鈥檚 break bread together soon @HackedOffHugh! #burythehatchet2018鈥

Things may be looking up for them, but it turns out that the Avengers star isn鈥檛 the only one Grant has rubbed the wrong way over the years. Apparently, Drew Barrymore, his costar in 2007鈥檚 Music and Lyrics, wasn鈥檛 especially fond of him, either.

鈥淒rew, I think, did hate me a bit,鈥 he said, noting that things were 鈥渇ractionally tense鈥 on set. 鈥淏ut I admired her. We just were very different human beings. She was very LA and I was a grumpy old Londoner.鈥

His relationship with his Bridget Jones鈥 Diary costar Ren茅e Zellweger was much better. Grant told People, 鈥淩enee loves me and I love Renee鈥 鈥 despite the fact that he failed to recognize her in a pic shown to him on Watch What Happens Live, which, at the time, prompted him to joke of his costars, 鈥淭hey all hate me, I think.鈥

We鈥檙e sure that鈥檚 not true. Especially if he can keep up his cheeky charm and dry British wit.

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(photo via Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images + Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)