What is a bombe, you ask? Well, a bombe (technically bombe glacée) literally translated means cold bombshell. And boy is it a cold, delicious bombshell of a dessert. Packed with layers of ice cream and cake, there is no denying the appeal of a spherical ice cream cake. And so, to celebrate Memorial Day, we’re giving this delectable frozen treat a patriotic spin with red velvet cake, french vanilla ice cream and a luscious blueberry compote! The one thing about the ice cream bombe is that, though it’s easy to make, it takes time, because you have to let the layers freeze in between, so make sure to plan for that if making for a picnic or party. Let’s get started!

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— 1 box of red velvet cake mix and the ingredients required to make it (depends on the cake mix)

— 1.5 quarts vanilla ice cream

— 2 cups frozen blueberries

— 1/4 cup granulated sugar

— 3 Tablespoons water

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1. Put a round mixing bowl into the freezer.

2. In a small saucepan, put 1 cup of blueberries, sugar and water.

3. Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add the rest of the blueberries. Cook for another 8 minutes, or until the mixture is thick. Let cool.

4. Bake the cake according to the directions. Make sure you bake it in rounds that have a larger diameter than the top of your mixing bowl. Let cool.

5. Put the blueberry compote in the cold mixing bowl. Make sure it’s a flat layer. This will be the top of your cake.

6. Set in the freezer for about 30 minutes, or until the blueberry layer is relatively solid. At the same time, take out the ice cream and let it soften.

7. After the blueberries are frozen and the ice cream is soft and malleable, scoop out a thick layer of ice cream onto the blueberries. Make sure it’s smooth on top.

8. Freeze for at least an hour, or until the ice cream is solid.

9. Trim the cake so that it fits the diameter of your mixing bowl. Remove the bowl with blueberries and frozen ice cream, and then add the layer of cake. Gently push it down a bit so it sticks to the ice cream.

10. Cover with cling wrap and freeze for another 4 hours.

11. To remove the cake from the “mold,” dip the mixing bowl into a bigger bowl of warm water. Run a knife around the edge to loosen the edges, then remove the mold by setting a plate over the bowl and flipping it. Freeze again until you’re ready to eat!


First, get all your layers in order by making the blueberry compote and baking the cake.

MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-11

With this cake, it’s all about the layers. The first layer is blueberry compote.

MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-12

Then… Delicious vanilla ice cream.

MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-2

Last but not least, the red velvet cake!

MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-3

Boy is this ice cream bombe worth the wait. Just look at that!

MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-4


MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-5

Guests will love it! Both beautiful and delicious.

MemorialDayBombe | Nanette Wong-10

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