How we love to hack IKEA! We love IKEA not only for its unbeatable prices but also because the spare Swedish furniture lends itself to creative adornment. (Plus, we get a DYI-geek thrill assembling the flat-pack pieces, armed with a single elbow wrench and hieroglyphics.) Other decorators may be concerned that the ubiquitous furniture won’t look unique or special, but it’s not a worry for us. Once we hack it, it’s got our unique stamp on it. Take these 30 IKEA hacks to freshen up your bedroom. Though many utilize the same piece, the end result looks distinctly different — and awesome — each time. IKEA hacks have become so popular that the company is working on an idea to sell hack kits for the most hackable pieces.

So, what are the pieces that we’ve seen hacked the most?



In 2014 IKEA retired the EXPEDIT and launched the KALLAX. The internal dimensions are exactly the same, which calmed the fears of many an old-school vinyl collector. The shelf series is most loved for it’s price point and it’s clean lines that lend itself to embellishment. We’ve seen hackers add doors, drawers, veneers and even pair it with other IKEA pieces such as a drop-down table top. Tanya over at Dans Le Lake House created doors using small stretched canvases painted her favorite color. Here are 12 more IKEA hacks for the bookshelf everyone has. (Via Dans Le Lake House)


2. RAST Dresser


We’ve seen the RAST turned into everything from a nursery room dresser to a roomy nightstand to a tricked out bar cart. At under $40 each, the RAST is like an inexpensive canvas waiting to become our work of art. With a bit of paint, some gold wood trim, little wooden ball feet and pretty drawer pulls, Nancy over at Artsy Chicks Rule turned the little bare-maple dresser into a bedroom jewel. Here are 14 more ways to hack the RAST. (via Artsy Chicks Rule)


3. LACK Series


The LACK side table is super-basic, and that’s why we love it. It’s easy to embellish by adding a little paint, some brass hardware, or faux marble top. Over at Style Me Pretty, they added some simple molding pieces to give the LACK a Moroccan vibe. (via Style Me Pretty)


4. BESTA Entertainment Series


The BESTA series is a collection of lightweight cabinets that can be mixed and matched with various doors, drawer fronts and feet to fit your entertainment area. Again, like other hackable pieces, they are very plain-Jane. But over at Petite Apartment, they added wood-grain contact paper to the doors of their BESTA to give it a mid-century modern look. (Via Petite Apartment)


5. IKEA Closet and Storage Systems


Many hackers make use of various components of IKEA closet and storage systems to build platform beds. Over at Stil Inspiration Paella Hedeby figured out that a combination of STOLMEN were the dimensions and weight to support a bed. The end result was a clean and sophisticated loft vibe. (Via Stil Inspiration)

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