If one RAST makeover is inspiring, what do you call ten RAST makeovers? Probably something like TENIGGYKTA (IKEA joke). At under $40 each, the RAST is a great deal for customizing a chest of drawers from IKEA into a piece that you’ll want to keep around for quite a while. Whether you’re hunting for a bar cart, colorful shelving or something bright and quirky for a kid’s room, the RAST is a chameleon that can be dressed up in an endless array of ways. Here are 14 brilliant ideas on how to DIY the RAST dresser into the dresser of your (and your budget’s) dreams.

1. Herringbone Pattern: Grab someone with a power saw or work your own wonder woman skills and cut this herringbone wood pattern to cover up those plain wooden drawers on the RAST dresser. (via Infarrantly Creative)

2. Painted Pattern: Subtle makeovers make just as much of a statement. Go for a light and playful look with a tribal-style pattern and swap out the standard RAST knobs for fancy pulls. (via Hawthorne & Main)

3. RAST to Bedside Hack: With three drawers of storage, the RAST is a great piece to have by your bed. All you need is a coat of paint and cool new hardware to make the RAST your perfect partner in crime for bedtime snacking. (via Armelle)

4. Midcentury Yellows: The mid-century look plays really well with others and fits into any space, no matter what your style. (via Bliss @ Home)

5. Modern Industrial Nightstand: Sometimes the perfect makeover is just a matter of keeping your eyes open for that wow piece. Look for metal or wood pieces that could be used as overlays on the dresser drawers. (via Simply Designing)

6. Dark Wood Contrast: Go for a dramatic look by dyeing the drawers a darker color and painting the rest of the dresser white. Add legs and long handles to give a more modern effect. (via Midwestern Girl)

7. Cityscape Drawers: Get inspired by the hand-drawn trend and take your art skills to those drawers. Show your hometown pride by sketching out your city’s skyline. (via At Home on the Bay)

8. RAST to Bar Cart: This one comes in at one of the most impressive makeovers. You can hack the RAST into the perfect mini bar cart. Leave off the bottom two drawers, add wheels and a wine rack and you’re set to host that cocktail party. (via Average but Inspired)

9. Shades of Pink: The RAST is an ideal size to go bold with color — it’s small enough that the color won’t overwhelm your space but still big enough to draw the eye. (via Sita Montgomery Interiors)

10. Anthropologie Inspired RAST Hack: Depending on the look you have in mind, you might need to get a professional to cut mirrors for the drawers, or just opt for metallic spray paint. (via Sincerely, Sara D.)

11. Blue and Gold: With gold wood trim, little wooden ball feet and pretty drawer pulls, this little dresser is all dressed up and ready to go. (via Artsy Chicks Rule)

12. Green and Ostrich Hack: All it took was some ostrich textured paper, green paint and gold hardware to turn this plain pine dresser into a serious statement piece. (via Design Manifest)

13. Comic Book Wood Grain: It’s always fun to see IKEA getting in on the hacking fun. In this case, they removed the hardware altogether to create pull holes for a fun, child-friendly look. (via Livet Hemma)

14. RAST to Console Table: Two is better than one, especially when it comes to IKEA tables. Put two of the mini dressers together to create one totally awesome console table or dresser. (via 4 Inspirations Photography)

Have you hacked a RAST dresser? We would love to see what you did! Tell us about your project in the comments below.